Sunday, December 25, 2011

Top 10 Plays of 2011

You knew we had to come out with this. Right along with every sports highlights show in the world, I'm about to showcase the top 10 plays in sports from the year of 2011, with a brief description of each one. Without any further ado, the 10 best plays of the year (with honourable mentions):


I've never had the inclination to watch a Greco-Roman wrestling match before, but this blew my mind. Extremely creative takedown.


Insane degree of difficulty with this goal as he grabs the puck from behind him, drags it through his legs and backhands it in almost one swift motion. Nasty.


Chris Paul absolutely rifles a pass through like three defenders and right into the hands of his teammate. Even the god awful Aaron Gray couldn't screw it up, so you know it was a great pass. Amazing touch.


Unreal concentration by Cruz on this play as he's able to follow the ball and still make the one handed catch as the ball is fumbling around.


The incomparable Blake Griffin stretches, and stretches some more, to throw down a vicious dunk over Timofey Mozgov...and then busts on Gallinari a little later on. Two-for-one play here.


Words can't really describe this one. The spin, the elevation, the slam...Dwyane Wade doing what he does best.


One of my absolute favourite NHL goals in recent memory, Bobby Ryan absolutely undresses the defender, going inside and back outside, before dekeing the goalie and roofing a backhand. In a playoff game, no less.


While there are no dunks or anything involved here, the sheer skill involved in getting that pass to go a full 90 feet, in the air, and land perfectly in Lebron's vicinity for the finish is just ridiculous. I bet they couldn't do this again if they tried 100 times.


You've all seen this before. The only appropriate words for this are "hollddd maahhhh diiccckkk."


Even though this happened just yesterday, it's still taking the number one spot, because this is by far the most jaw-dropping, insanely athletic play I've ever seen in my lifetime. Dude does a FULL somersault over another grown man, and lands on his feet for the touchdown. I've watched it like 30 times and I still can't get over it.

Honourable mentions:

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