Monday, February 18, 2013

Lil Wayne Goes HAM on Heat; Says He Slept With Bosh's Wife

By Joe Parello


So, apparently Lil Wayne- multiplatinum rapper, Young Money Millionaire, and frequent drinker of "Tha Purple Drank"- is not happy with the Miami Heat.

In an on-stage tirade over All Star weekend, the Young Money megastar ripped into the Heat, claiming that he had been banned from all NBA events due to a request by the franchise. Weezy has had several incidents with the Heat and the league, beginning in 2011 when he grew angry at Heat superstars LeBron James and Dwyane Wade for not coming over and speaking to him while they were, uh, playing basketball at the world's highest level.

During his tantrum, which you can watch below, Wayne yells out "F--- LeBron, F--- 'She' Wade…" and finishes with the real bombshell, "And I f----- Chris Bosh's wife."

While Wayne grew perturbed with the Heat in 2011, this appears to have boiled over because the Heat allegedly booted Wayne from Miami's game against the Los Angeles Lakers earlier this month. Wayne claims he was booted for cheering for the Lakers (Yeah, because that happens), while other reports claim Wayne was tossed for gesturing at a fan that he had a gun (More likely).

For the Heat's part, the franchise's PR department said Wayne left on his own free will, probably trying to spare him embarrassment and allow him to save face.

Wayne also felt disrespected by the Oklahoma City Thunder last year during the NBA Finals for denying him court side seats (Because there were none available), and recently cursed out a photographer after a Super Bowl celebrity game he participated in.

So, what are we to make of all this?

Well, there is no official word from the NBA of a universal ban against Weezy, but it seems pretty obvious that Lil Wayne and sports don't mix. Also, the likelihood of Lil Wayne having sex with Chris Bosh's wife… Eh, I'm gonna call BS on this one Weezy.

All in all, he comes off as a spoiled child that finally got punished for doing multiple unacceptable things, and now he's lashing out. Lil Wayne may rule the world of rap right now, but I'll take three of the best athletes on the planet playing for the best team in the NBA over a tiny intoxicated dude any day.

Also, did you know Lil Wayne is 30? Holy crap!