Monday, July 1, 2013

Bob Lobel: The Stupidity of Aaron Hernandez

By Bob Lobel

Who among us saw this coming in our horoscope?  No Stanley Cup, athlete turned alleged killer leading to a tight end crisis, the Red Sox winning in a regular and feel good way, and Naoko Funayama not being renewed in her contract with NESN.

Yes, we have had to deal with a lot of the unexpected in very short period of time, but was it necessary to dump Naoko?  I thought she did a terrific job with a nice smile, a lot of personality and a lot of knowledge about hockey during breaks and before and after games. A nice touch for sure. 

This is not a fun business. Neumeier once explained it all by simply noting, “there are no happy endings”.  He wasn’t talking about playing the horses but, from what I hear about that, it would also easily apply. 

Why do I feel this betrayal by Aaron Hernandez? That really isn’t a strong enough word to describe the feelings about knowing that two lives are over.  He is responsible for both (Stop with innocent until proven guilty. I get that, but I am not applying that sacred cow here). Aaron took two lives.  The one he snuffed out with a gun and the other, his own.  He must know that, right? 

He must know that it is over for him in every  possible way.  Do sociopaths care?  My wife, a psychologist, says no.  They don’t care about the deed or the consequences. Will the day arrive when he wished the other guy held the gun?  Maybe not, because it doesn’t matter now. How much of a hit will the NFL and he Patriots take on this one? At the moment, my passion for pro football is at an all time low. I have seen all I need to see. The Kraft business model did not have a plan for this, I’m sure.

Yet, they did the prudent thing in their handling of their  employee by making him an “ex.”  Taking the Hernandez name off their brand will take some time, but the right steps have been taken.  Sure, Ebay will keep it alive just like their collection of OJ shirts, but I would advise against wearing an “81 Hernandez “ jersey to Gillette stadium.

Don’t think that would be a good healthy move. Some will think its cool, but it’s not. 

I guess part of dealing with the AH story is realizing that “unrewarded genius is almost a proverb.”  Thank Cal Coolidge for that one (Big Massachusetts Patriot fan, by the way). On a stupid sports note, think of Brady now looking for Welker (Denver), Gronkowski  (hospital) and the big A--H---- (MCI, Dartmouth), when he comes up to the line of scrimmage on that first play of 2013-2014. 

Hey, we lose a loser, and gain a goaltender. Well, we won’t get Thomas but someone will.  The comeback has begun for our Tim.  Remember, you have to be something or somewhere before you can mount a comeback. He does qualify. You know it and I know it, all politics aside.  

Couple of quick hockey questions: Why did Chicago send the thank you note to the Globe, and do you think Toronto fans are still standing outside their rink by the thousands, waiting for the 4th period to begin?  

Goodbye Doc, Kevin, Paul, Horty, Andrew and maybe Tyler. Goodbye Naoko, but I hope not for long. Goodbye A--H---.  You are a very, very stupid person.   

Check your horoscope next time. I’m sure it will tell you to leave your gun at home. 

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