Monday, August 26, 2013

Bob Lobel: The Magic Numbers of Boston Sports

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

Jake Peavy, where have you been all this time?  

There are plenty of us out there in fan world that truly believed there was no baseball player like you left on the planet. We spent so much time on the hate train dealing with the A-Rods and Carl Crawfords of the universe, that a performance like your last against the Dodgers in L.A. on Sunday was something to behold.

In fact, it was the best of six really very good starting pitching performances that should not go unnoticed.  Lester, Lackey, Doubront and Peavy were sensational, win or lose, on the six day west coast trip. Peavy, as I mentioned, was best.. A bulldog, in your face, try to hit me kind of job. 

The guy got mad at himself and did not whine at the umpire or complain about whatever they complain about. Give me that over and over again. It's kind of what the sport is supposed to be about.  By the way, let's back track to the villains in our world. Please answer this question: Alex or Carl, Rodriguez or Crawford... Who gets the most negative attention at Fenway Park? 

Which one, for totally different reasons, brings out the worst in us? I am perfectly clear in my mind how I would answer this question without hesitation. It's your opinion that counts in this player poll.  

As we now move into  September, we have something really cool going on. A team to love (Sox), a team to dominate (Patriots) and a big time golf tournament this weekend on the heels of a final pre season game at Gillette that features the team that beat us twice the last two times they met in the Super Bowl.  

One other note that I love to  bring up… The number 4. 

Not because I worked at that place on the dial (Ok, maybe a little), but because of what that number has been in sports.. Orr, of course, Vinatieri, of course, now Sudfeld (44) and Peavy (44). And, as a little stretch but obvious, two 4s bring you to Yaz and Neely. hard to beat that group of 4s, solo or doubled. Am I missing anyone? How about Hall of Famer, Bobby Doerr? Danny Ainge (44)?

I had to put him in because he would have reported me to the blogging police. I just think that has been a magical number in Boston sports history.  Probably the best ever, although 6 and 33 were pretty outstanding. There is another argument you can feel free to comment on.  The best historical number in Boston Sports.  Go for it.

Just be able to justify it. I gave you mine, beat them if you can. 

Pats have two cupcakes for their first two weeks, in Buffalo and home against the Jets. After that 2-0 start to the season, they can get rolling way before Aaron Hernandez begins his trial.  

He maintains his innocence. Is it possible he beats this and comes out ready to play again for somebody in a couple of years. Anything is possible. We all know that, sports fans... Anything!

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Anonymous said...

The Greatest of them all, number 9, Ted 'The Kid' Williams.