Friday, August 2, 2013

Forgot About that $#!+ Friday: Madden Goes Gangsta

Not pictured: Virtual TO planting the ball on the star in the middle of the virtual field.
By Joe Parello  @HerewegoJoe

The Madden Football franchise from EA Sports had been trying to successfully incorporate this new "hip hop" thing all the kids were listening to for a few years by the time 2001 rolled around. EA had shelled out money on the hottest rappers of the moment to come up with the perfect Madden Rap.

Madden 2000 (released in 1999) featured a pretty terrible Ludacris track, while Madden 2001 (released in 2000) featured a marginally better effort from Xzibit.

But Madden 2002 (released in 2001) finally got the football rap down to a science, and it came after EA gave up on having a big-name star do the theme song. Enter Pharaohe Monch,  a largely unknown artist whose biggest hit "Simon Says" is now better known for being background music on "MTV Cribs" than it is for the lyrics.

Still, with rhymes like "The All Madden free safety tracking' ya pass, we hate artificial surface love natural grass" how could this song not rock! Basically, it's a crappy rap about football, but come on, we were all like 14 when this game was released, and we totally ate this $#!+ up.

I actually couldn't find this song online for the longest time, but being that I'm a weirdo and check for it every so often, I saw that it was FINALLY posted by somebody on YouTube earlier this year. So, without further ado, the greatest football rap song ever.

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