Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bob Lobel: Why We Deserve Teams Like This

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

Everyone has favorite things to say worth repeating. 

There were favorite sayings I used during television sportscasts that were inserted just to keep Elizabeth Walker awake or mildly interested. Getting her to laugh was the ultimate goal. Things like “why can't we get players like that" became a staple of the sports presentation.

When Vinatieri was kicking field goals for the Patriots, the favorite phrase was “Adam and leave.” Now, a new one has appeared and would become a regular part of the show if I was still part of the action. I did tweet it Sunday evening and I just like it… Short and sweet! 

#Amen Dola. 

I think it’s a winner but it has got to be a regular. He has to stay on the field, obviously.  It’s the same thing for a couple of Red Sox in this fantasy year. 

The Red Sox of 2013 are a fantasy team that not many markets get to experience. This Sox squad can pretty much complete the cycle of rags to riches. Just winning another World Series would be fine but, probably boring in the end because we have been there and done that. 

But, we have not been there and done it... Like this.

Every game seems to bring something new, something that feels like we are experiencing it for the first time. Believe me when I tell you that, should there be a 2013 World Series involving the Boston Red Sox, it will one tough ticket to get. 

So, #Amen Dola will do for now but it's also got to be  #Claynation and #Jacobygivethemhellsberry. So all feet, shoulders arms and other body parts have to be healed and ready to go. No excuses are acceptable when this train pulls out of the station. This fantasy season is about to turn into the fall celebration of the year “Boston Strong”  became part of our culture.

The birth of “Boston Strong” was a huge price to pay but, now its payback time. I want the first responders back to deliver first pitches, I want the ones that are healing to bring their spirit to the party. It was a summer of hell with  Hernandez, the Marathon, the Remy tragedy, and Whitey. Hard to believe that Whitey Bulger was the least on that list, but what's done is done. 

I can easily make the case for Boston deserving a simple thing like a World Series and actually winning it, but that's not going to make all that bad stuff go away. But, there is a law of compensation that can appear at the most important of times. I could make the case that this would be one of those times. 

Hey, if it doesn’t happen, so what? We have gotten more out of this baseball team than we ever expected, although I think we could use just a little bit more. I don’t think it's selfish or crazy to ask for something good. The bad stuff came without us asking, so why not some good? #Amen

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