Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Bob Lobel: Red Sox on Verge of Redemption

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

So here we are, on the precipice of the ultimate sports prize. 

Not just any World Series title, but one that comes after a season of disaster: A fired manager, plunging TV ratings, the appearance of empty seats, blah, blah blah…

Oh, and chicken and beer. 

No, this is a World Series born in a regional tragedy (Marathon bombings) and nourished before our very eyes. This team has grown right in front of us and has become the envy of every city in America. They may say they all hate us, but they would pay dearly for a chance to have “B Strong” refer to them. 

Winning the prize at Fenway for the first time since the world was flat is the cherry on the frozen yogurt. Of course, the caveat to that is crow behavior. One stupid incident could ruin it, but let’s talk in positives for the moment. 

One thing I can’t shake is the adage that “if you forget the past, you are doomed to repeat it.”  Or, “The past is prologue.” Ok, enough of mixing the great disappointments of Red Sox lore with what may be at our doorstep this week. 

The objection I do have is the constant radio chatter about MVP. First there is no discussion when it comes to Boston. We know there have been many heroes and contributors, but one stands alone. What if the MVP turns out to be in the opposite dugout?

What I’m saying is that MVP talk is reckless and stupid at this time. Wednesday night it might be appropriate, but it isn’t now. 

Just calm down and let the flow come to you.  Furthermore, while this team says it is playing for the city, the fans, the region and for each other, I believe them for once. Their sizable paychecks won’t bounce, but I believe their collective heart and motivation is pure.  This is the first time I can ever remember wanting a team to win for itself. 

This team deserves to fulfill its destiny. 

Sorry if that sounds trite or even stupid, but I want them to win it for themselves. We can all ride the coat tails. So why has this umpire dominated series been so special and unusual?

Of course, the plays ending games 3 and 4 left goats on both sides of the field, with umpires being overruled, runners being obstructed and picked off, and all that stuff. I’ll tell you the beauty of it all has been the mistakes though. 

That’s right, the MISTAKES have given this event texture, controversy, second-guessing and loads of angst. So let’s celebrate the mistakes: The pitcher who comes in and gives up a home run. The right fielder who makes a grand slam saving catch and goes to the hospital, only to play the next day. The hitter who doesn’t hit, or the runner who gets picked off, or the catcher that can’t throw, or the infielder that cant catch.  

It has all been pretty cool. The lack of perfection has been perfect. Now, let me tell you what you already know, but don’t want to think about. This is not going to go down easily. I think there is drama ahead. In fact, I know it. 

To predict what the drama will be is above my pay grade, but I don’t have to go to Yale (nameless lefty reliever) to know it’s going to happen.  Hopefully, I’ll see you on the parade route and we can rename the river that runs through it “The Big Papi.”  But until then, I thank this team for being what they have been.


Unknown said...

Bob you are so right on.

DJ Gary Titus said...

Another good one Bob. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Lobel, I grew up with you and even when I was young I knew your perspective on the games and teams we love was special. All day I've been trying to stay away from all the shite based on events THAT HAVEN'T HAPPENED YET!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and GO SOX!!!!!