Monday, February 10, 2014

Bob Lobel: Why Are We Still Hung Up on Sexuality in Sports?

By Bob Lobel  @boblobel

I have to be missing something here. 

I thought we moved past these discussions years ago.

Apparently not.

It’s all about the “gay” thing. Why is that kid from Missouri’s coming out reopening all these past discussions? Will it all repeat itself every time someone comes out to be the first in his or her chosen line of work? 

First gay astronaut has to be right around the corner. First gay whatever is out there somewhere waiting to be exposed for something unique or strange or, God forbid, disruptive! 

I don’t honestly know why this “first ever” stuff still garners the gawkers and headline hunters. We are way past this people, aren’t we? Thought so, but I guess not. 

So that is said and done. Probably the first the openly gay Doberman will be competing at Westminster this week and it will be big news. Let it go. It’s called life and it’s about freedom to live it. 

Thank you Vladamir Putin for doing your part.  Some friends were openly wondering if we would ever find the person responsible for the snow flake that didn’t turn into an Olympic ring when it was supposed to.

Four out of five ain’t bad, but still no one has been singled out as the one responsible for the wardrobe malfunction. The snowflake that insisted on staying a snowflake will become a symbol of individuality and courage in a state that can’t abide the thought of a gay citizen. 

Stick to your guns, snowflake! 

All in all, I guess the completion has been ok… Just ok. 

Those are the words of someone who has no clue as to why 11 new events have been added to the mix and what they might be. We still have curling. It may be the butt of a lot of jokes, but at least we know how it's scored without the political overtones surrounding it.  Plus, it’s an every person sport. Given the time and energy, plus a sheet of ice, we all could slide stones or sweep our troubles away. 

It’s a learned skill, or at least it looks like it. The other great event this week is the Westminster doggie competition. Last year a Massachusetts dog won Best in Show and this year another one could as well.

See for yourself.

Riley, an Irish Water Spaniel from Charlton, is primed for the cause. 

How do I know that? Scouting, my friend. Good solid scouting. 

Besides, she (yes, she) is sporting a beard, aka Red Sox, but alas, no tattoos of any kind can been seen. However, it is possible that by the time the show ends Tuesday night, some pup will come forward and admit he or she slept with a cat once. 

When questioned about it, both insisted it was just 'play-tonic'

Again, I thought we were past all this. Apparently not!

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