Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Oh Hey, I Have a World Series Ring Now

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

The Red Sox had a luncheon for front office staff. There were close to 150 there, as an estimate, and each and every one received a World Series ring. 

Not an knock off, but a real one, just like the players, with their name on it. A most generous offering by the organization for a championship that Larry Lucchino called the most important and meaningful of the three.  

Clearly the connection with the Boston Marathon bombings and the city’s healing process, coupled with the team success was as rewarding a combination as it gets. Needless to say, by looking at the photograph, they really went all out, giving the three individuals who share the public address announcing at Fenway rings of their own.  

I can say this with a straight face and total honesty: When it comes to yours truly, never has anyone received so much for so little. There is nothing else to say other than I am totally grateful to the organization. This would never have happened six or so years ago when was doing Channel 4 stuff.  Not possible and a certain conflict of interest. 

Plus, previous ownership would have fallen off their couch if they knew I ever shared in the spoils of a Red Sox title. Of course, they would know nothing about titles, so it’s a moot point. I say they would be aghast at my luck simply because, as a television sports person, I was extremely harsh on the way they operated the business of baseball.

So there!  MY precious! Gollum lives on. Frodo still has a mission and it's too early in the season to talk about Mt. Doom.  

However, getting away from the aforementioned booty, its time the local entry of 2014 make some kind of move. Losing four straight has become a sobering experience, not because of their previous nemesis, pitching, but hitting of all things has not been part of the attack. It’s possible that many players last year had career years. It happens and the fortune was ours. 

In this league, however unfair, you must constantly reprove yourself. That is their mission should they accept it.  They haven’t quite yet. 

The Bruins stand as a stark reminder that you’re only as good as your last game. If you lose it, then you’re not as good as we thought. That’s our hockey lesson of the week. 

The problem with all that is it just stops. All the excitement and all the second-guessing just stops and stays there until the next hockey playoffs come around. 

I am not counting the regular season for obvious reasons. So for us it’s the Red Sox. The Patriots are not really far away and the NBA Draft and Lottery are enough to distract us momentarily. 

For now, however, the ring is mine, deservedly or not. My precious. For a farm kid from Apple Creek, Ohio, this is pretty big time.   

Actually, very big time.  Please don’t think I’m flaunting this, although it’s hard not to. I just am asking  you to share the joy and the amazing way life seems to work in the most unlikely of circumstances . 

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