Friday, May 23, 2014

Sports Questions Asked by Terrible Hip-Hop and R&B Artists

Actually, people were way too hard on Ja. He wasn't that bad.
By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

I'm running out of click bait subjects, so now I'm going to just post things for my own amusement.

A few weekends back, during the Mayweather-Maidana fight, I was discussing how old I am with our boxing correspondent Warren Rodriguez and my co-editor Jeremy Conlin.

I told them that I felt old because Kanye West's brilliant debut album "The College Dropout" was now 11-years old, and that the 10-Year Anniversary of the "Jesus Walks" single dropping was coming up (May 25).

I said that, say what you want about Kanye and his craziness since then, that album brought real rap back. Soul beats and sick verses. There's nothing better than that combo, in my opinion.

Jeremy asked if real rap ever left, so I am here to present the terrible Hip-Hop and R&B artists that ruled the roost in between Dr. Dre's "Chronic 2001" (which came out in 1999, duh) and Kanye's debut in 2003.

No Landon Donovan on the American World Cup Roster? What Gives?-Chingy

I know America, you're angry because one of the two soccer players in the world you've heard of isn't going to play in the only soccer tournament you care about. But, let me remind you that America also has that Altidore kid and that Howard goalie guy that plays for some European club, so he must be sorta good.

See, now you realize you actually know those guys, AND Clint Dempsey on the team. USA! USA!
Patrick Peterson Says He Does "Much More" than Richard Sherman. Does He?-J-Kwon

Well, technically he's right. Peterson plays in a defense with less zone and Cover 3, and he moves from side-to-side (as opposed to permanently covering one side of the field like Sherman) in Arizona's scheme, plus he's a special teams dynamo.

So, does he do more? Sure. Is he better than Sherman, who plays a lot more man-to-man than Peterson gives him credit for, via Seattle's zone-man hybrid concepts? Nope.

Well, not yet. Peterson is getting better every year, and has the talent to be the top cover corner in the league.
Several NBA Teams Have Reached out to Florida's Billy Donovan. Would You Leave Gainesville if you Were Him?-B2K

Absolutely not. Donovan had made Florida, the definition of a Southern Football Factory, into a legitimate Basketball Blue Blood. Five star recruits are coming in every year, an athletic department with the budget of a small oil nation is backing him and, other than Kentucky, the SEC is terrible at basketball.

He's faced with a bit of a rebuilding job after last year's team came up just short of a championship, but there's a national title to be won in Gainesville this decade, and Donovan is the guy to do it.
The Madden Cover Final Four Consists of Andrew Luck, Cam Newton, Colin Kaepernick and Richard Sherman. Who Gets Your Vote?-Youngbloodz

A great final four, because all are exciting players, but let's get rid of Kaep right off the bat. He's incredibly fun to watch, but he's not better than Cam, and probably isn't even a top-10 QB right now.

Then, heck, let's throw out Cam too, because he's no Andrew Luck. Don't let Luck's whiteness fool you, the dude can run, and he turns broken plays (however rare they are) into big plays down the field. So that brings us to two Stanford guys, Luck and Sherman.

Normally I would say go with the quarterback, but when was the last time a freaking corner grabbed this much of America's attention? Sherman is the "it" guy right now, and isn't that what the Madden cover is all about?
The Spurs are Cruising Out West, but Who Takes the Tightly Contested Miami-Indiana Eastern Conference Finals?-Cam'ron

With a win in game two, the Heat went from being potentially dead in the water, to right where they want the Pacers. They reclaimed home court and D-Wade actually sort of looked like D-Wade.

The problem is, Roy Hibbert is just a nightmare for Miami inside. This thing has the makings of a seven game series, culminating in a legendary final game moment. As of now, I'll go with LeBron to seize that moment, but would it really surprise anybody if Paul George found his game in time to sink the Heat, or if Lance Stephenson just said "F-this" and dropped a clumsy-looking 30 in game seven?

Ok, the Cavs win the NBA Draft Lottery for the Third Time in Four Years… $#!+ is Rigged, Right?-Pitbull (before he was popular, but still terrible)

Of course it is! They're gonna get Andrew Wiggins to go with Kyrie Irving, and just imagine if they had taken a guy that could play basketball last year instead of Anthony Bennett?!?!

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