Friday, May 16, 2014

Sports Questions Placed Underneath Images from Your Childhood

By Joe Parello (@HerewegoJoe)

It's time for our weekly click bait here at SuiteSports, and this week we hope to cash in on the fact that people love getting all nostalgic on the internet.

Yes, we all can't get enough of Super Soakers and "Full House" posters, so here are seven more sports questions, this time simply placed underneath images from your childhood.

And yes, I'm aware there are more "boy" images than "girl" images. Deal with it.

The Bruins and Penguins dominated the Eastern Conference, yet both lose home game 7s to inferior teams. What gives?

I tell ya, the freaking' NHL playoffs man. They don't make any sense do they? I mean, each series is a brutal, best-of-seven affair, so you would expect the better team to win more often than not. Instead, the NHL playoffs seem to have more upsets than the NFL postseason (a one game scenario), while only the NCAA men's basketball tournament provides more surprises.
How do you like Stan Van Gundy coaching the Pistons and running their front office for the next five years?

I really like Stan Van.

Not because he looks like Ron Jeremy, though that helps.

Not because he was run out of Miami by Pat Riley and Shaq, or because he was run out of Orlando by Dwight Howard, though both those situations made me feel sorry for the dude.

I like him because he just doesn't waste talent. Well, when the talent listens to him.

He got rookie D-Wade and Eddie Jones/Lamar Odom/Briant Grant/Caron Butler to the playoffs in Miami, then took Dwight Howard and a band of guys that could do nothing but bomb threes to the finals a few years later.

Detroit has talent, albeit perplexing, and seemingly mismatched talent. Still, I look forward to seeing what Stan Van does with the Pistons' abundance of size, and how he brings along players like Andre Drummond and Greg Monroe.
Are you surprised the Heat handled the Nets 4-1 after losing all four regular season match ups with Brooklyn?

Remember when Miami couldn't beat Boston or Chicago in the 2010-2011 regular season? I know, it seems like forever ago, but think back.

Derrick Rose was in the midst of his "surely we can't give the MVP to LeBron" MVP season, and the Celtics were still somehow convincing people that their "Big 3" era wasn't over.

The Heat went a combined 1-7 against those two teams in the regular season, but do you remember what happened come playoff time?

That's right, Miami took both of them out in five games. Hmmm, sounds familiar.

Now, all didn't end well for Miami, as they lost to a team from Texas in the Finals. I could very easily see this season ending the exact same way.

Oprah already has the rights to the a documentary series that will follow Michael Sam around during mini-camp and into his rookie year (if he's on a roster). You watching?

Well, if we're really as far above this as a society as everyone is saying, there won't be much to watch right?

Did Steve Kerr make the right call turning down the Knicks for Golden State?

My goodness, did you watch the Knicks this past season? I only did a few times, but I can tell you they were entertainingly bad. No coach with options would want to go there. Steve Kerr is a coach that had options, and he chose one with talent.
ACC football teams are considering playing nonconference games against… Other ACC teams. Really?

Mind. Blown.

In all seriousness, this came about because ACC schools voted to not extend the conference schedule to nine games, but did add a rule forcing each team to schedule one nonconference game against a "power conference" opponent.

Many teams already have rivalries with teams from other major conferences (Florida State vs Florida, Clemson vs South Carolina, Louisville vs Kentucky and newly re-started Virginia Tech vs West Virginia), but the schools that don't figured they'd kill two birds with one stone and just play each other.

It's dumb, and it will mean that some games between ACC teams won't count toward the ACC standing (really dumb), but it probably won't happy very often. Most of the teams have major conference games already on the schedule annually, and the ones that don't will benefit from the fact that Notre Dame has to play five ACC opponents each year to remain in the conference in all sports except football.

Still, you just know a big "nonconference" game between Wake Forest and Syracuse is coming.

Will Kentucky Derby winner California Chrome take home the Preakness Stakes Saturday?

As California Chrome would say, "nay!" Ha, get it, because it's a horse, and that's the sound they make, but it also means no... Ok, I know nothing about horse racing.

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