Saturday, December 20, 2014

Bob Lobel: Boston's Naughty and Nice Trades

 By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Now that Rajon Rondo is gone, I must tell you I have no clue as to who is currently wearing a Celtics uniform. 

I should be horribly embarrassed, but I am not. I could be way off base, but I don’t think I'm alone. Funny how some players you get attached to and like immediately, and then there is a guy like Rondo. It's weird how that happens, but it does. 

In this season of giving, let's consider the Rondo deal as a gift. Kinda like when Theo went to the Cubs, which now prompts me to say the deal he did for Lester will blow up in his face. It will not be the gift he thought it was. Kinda like Eric Gagne. 

One of the worst trades in recent memory pulled off by the Sox, and it was engineered by Theo. 

So can we make holiday season by listing nice and naughty trades for the home teams? Let's mix.. I mentioned Gagne, but what naughty Theo did there, nice Dan Duquette brought Derek Lowe and Jason Veritek here for Heathcliff Slocumb. 

Babe Ruth to the Yankees and Sparky Lyle for Danny Cater were two very naughty deals. On the other hand, Cam Neely coming here for Barry Pederson and extras, along with the Patriots grabbing Randy Moss from Oakland for a 4th round pick. 

Now those were exceptionally nice gifts.

Both the Bruins and Patriots were naughty at times, like when the Pats sent the 16th pick of the first round to San Francisco, who promptly picked Jerry Rice and, not to be outmatched on the naughty meter, the Bruins dispatched Joe Thornton, an admitted playoff bust, to the San Jose Sharks for nice people, but naughty unnamed players. 

The Celtics came up very nice by sending Joe Barry Carroll to the Warriors for 00, the chief, and a draft pick that became Kevin McHale. It's very difficult to get any nicer than that. They also pulled a naughty by sending Chauncey Billips, Dee Brown and two others to the Raptors for Kenny Anderson and Popeye Jones. 


Other teams' big time gaffes: The Vikings sending a dynasty to Dallas for Herschel Walker and the Flyers trading practically their whole farm system for the oft-concussed Eric Lindros. 

That’s a big naughty when you remember they also sent Peter Forsberg. 

Hey, this just proves that everyone is naughty and nice some time or another. So when I tell you that Will Middlebrooks was traded from Boston to San Diego and gets to bring Jenny Dell with him,  I think that my definitions of naughty and nice collide. 

It is possible to have it all. Keep working at it and bring a good mood with you wherever your headed.  

Thanking my outstanding researcher, Andrew Dougherty, for his inspired work, I remain, Bob “Rudolph” Lobel.

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