Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bob Lobel: The Revs and the Pain of Losing "The Big One"

 By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

My eyes were still red and swollen when I looked in the mirror this morning. 

Two long nights of crying from something only a sports fan can feel: The big one! The big game! The one and only, win or lose, world championship game. The 7th game of the World Series, Stanley Cup or NBA finals! The Super Bowl!  

One game to take it all, or take the fall! 

Yes the Bruins have lost their share, but also won a few times. The Celtics have a stranglehold on winning the big one. Yes, we can even say with authority that the Red Sox have grabbed the prize, although it took long enough. The Patriots have lost more big ones than they won, but not with this quarterback and coach.

So why were the eyes swollen and red this morning? Why couldn’t I even bring myself to watch the Sunday night football game between the Patriots and Chargers? I heard the Patriots won... Sounds like another big one is about to happen, by the way, 

It can’t come soon enough, and may be the only remedy or therapy, if you will, to get over the New England Revolution's 5th consecutive title game loss. How much does a fan have to endure? Where is the justice and the balance of nature? 

Yes, I think the Revs have become the anti-Celtics. 

It has gotten so painful I am starting to believe that “revolution” is a synonym for “revolting.”

OK, suck it up! Better days are ahead.

The Revs may not be in position to lose another big one. So after the night of the big cry, we can hope that the Patriots will see the big one again soon. And Jon Lester, we are all certain, will come running back to us, despite the fact that we kicked him out of town. 

Jon, that was temporary and should not be taken personally.  

So, the Celtics are who we thought they were. The Bruins are not what we thought they were. We thought they we much better, but here rule number one of being a fan of winter teams: Don’t even look at the standings until the Super Bowl is played.

Hopefully, another big one looms for the locals. A long winter night’s sleep awaits for those Revs, recurring nightmares included. 

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