Friday, February 20, 2015

Bob Lobel: Chaos Theory of Sports

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

The chaos theory has always been an amazing concept that sounds like it should be true. 

Ok, I believe in it. I believe it like I believe in the concept that everything that happens changes everything else that happens after the first happening. Take it slowly. Examples in our sports universe… Rosie Ruiz, one of the great cheaters before Lance Armstrong wandered onto the scene, used her lack of self esteem, or whatever caused her to take the T to Kenmore and finish first at the Pru.  

Actually, based on what happened these past few weeks to our public transportation system, Rosie may have had the last on time ride on the Green Line. This has been such a post Super Bowl down time that everyone, and I mean everyone, is doing some kind of poll to figure out the “greatest moment," “most important moment,”  “greatest athlete,” “greatest team," coach, owner, quarterback, clutch hitter, best all around athlete that reminds us of Bruce Jenner… etc. etc. 

Add the great football heist, the worst umpire call and all the endless things we talk about to get through the snow, and to the inevitable flood and mud season. 

Opening day seems years away. Ok, today's lesson is a much more global in scope. Here's hoping it comes as close to global as we can get without the out of date and out of step Olympics. They really need to be overhauled and reconfigured, kinda like the Baseball Hall of Fame. 

Ok, just say it, “the two things in sports that most need to be totally re-done and brought up to date are the Hall of Fame and the Olympics." 

We probably could do pretty well without either one. More on that in another week or so, but it involves each sport like curling and table tennis having their own separate World Cup. 

Again, more later. 

Back to the chaos theory that seems to rule the day. Everything good or bad that happens will determine things we have no clue are going to happen. I need to call a stop to this after looking up to see Kim Jon Ill's new “boys regular.” Let's hope something like the “imitation game” doesn’t sweep the Earth based on such a trend setter.  

Meanwhile, let's hope warmth comes and saves the butterflies that do so much to make our life experiences happen.         

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