Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bob Lobel: The Bruins and Celtics Make their Spring Pushes

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Usually at this very time of the year, which happens to be coyote mating season (yet another way wild beasts have primal connections with humans), the sports universe is getting edgy. 

Bruins fans sense the grim prospect of staying up while it's obvious their team is down. Maybe the warriors with the black and gold B have tuned Claude Julien out. By the way, do you see a black and gold B, or do some see gold and white? Whatever! 

I cannot remember a coach or manager more vilified by the fans than our Claude.

Even when they win, he gets no props, and alas, they are not winning. We have no clue really how good or bad they are, but we do know these are not fresh legs out there night after night, like the year they won three seventh games to win their latest cup.

The front office is taking heat and, to demonstrate their all out passion to win, Julien might well be the goat (here is where the goat screams).

And Brad Stevens' mystery. What, you didn’t know there was any mystery? You just assumed they are a bad team that would have to be blindfolded to get into the playoffs. The Isaiah Thomas amazing transformation. He has replaced the guy that was just about impossible to root for, Rajon Rondo. 

Dallas, just keep asking why do we have to get players like that. Why us? 

The Cowboys made Punkville what it is today and Rondo is just keeping the fires burning. There are going to be changes afoot in the NBA. Actually, any change is going to be a good one. Like actually putting a premium on officiating over the last two minutes of a game. Haven't we been saying for years and years “that all you need to do as an NBA fan, is to just watch the last 2 minutes.”  It was true then, and finally the league admits it's true now. 

That leaves us going into the great unknown, the 2015 edition of the Boston Red Sox.  

They are re-tooled and ready to score double numbers of runs in practically every game. Cuba is the answers to a lot of questions, and continues to  invite more and more speculation. We need to appreciate what the Red Sox have done in the this Cuba world. 

Start with Louis Tiant and work from their. But, this begs the question that might  be uncomfortable  to ask, simply because the answer might be uncomfortable to hear.  Here goes… Where did all these studs come from, and why all of a sudden are they showing up to play in MLB? 

Now, this is a question that will be asked over and over here in our universe. There does not appear to be an answer that would satisfy the politically correct baseball police force. 

I'll ask it again. Why are these guys so good and so talented? Make no mistake, I am not pointing any fingers, although you might think that’s the case. I'm going to be a fan here and simply offer the observation that my team is smarter and richer, so be it. 

We now understand it's about winning after those 86 dreadful years, when it was much more about losing. We are about to be re-trained as a fan base that starting pitchers are way over valued and there are other ways to make it all work.  

As we ease into spring training, we are following a team that has entertainment at its core.

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