Monday, March 23, 2015

Bob Lobel: The Magic of Spring in Boston

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

There is no doubt that April around here has added significance. Not just that the end of this freaking winter is here, but also there is the opportunity to play golf without  having  to get on a flight to wherever. 

April is, of course, marathon month. The few  weeks leading up to this one will be an emotional ride of sadness, heroes, victims, joy and general awareness that, in this day and age, no person or place is exempt from terror and the fear it brings.   

Yes, the Red Sox are there, though many of you would not recognize them if you passed them walking down Newbury Street without their uniforms. This is that kind of year. Anything is possible, but this could be a very, very good team. 

I doubt the Herald will do the “greatest team ever” headline, but it's probably more applicable than the year when they did get throw that on the front page.  

They will get a chance to prove it all in the long season ahead. I am honestly always concerned about their most heralded player, DH David Ortiz.  There was more than a kernel of truth in what pitcher David Price said about Big Papi. 

To refresh your memory, Price was critical of Ortiz and his demeanor of making it look like he felt he was bigger than the game itself. Ortiz has become a player far beyond his original evaluation of potential when he came here as a back up first baseman. 

He has been a growing force, even today after all these years. I would say that his body language and leadership depend very much on how “he” is doing. Knowing this can't go on  forever, it's always important to me to watch his body language.  If things are going well, then the sky is the limit. When things inevitably turn against him, like the yearly contract fuss, then who knows. Whatever that brings, it won't be pretty, and it shows how much he does mean to the team. 

Now, do  we care if the Bruins and/or the Celtics make the  playoffs? 

Nope, not at all. What  matters most in this world of  champions in April is  the upcoming  NFL draft and how the Patriots meet their needs.  

This year is also going to be the "watch Brady and see if he has lost anything" year. The Belichick/Brady combo will bring more speculation and opinion as they get closer to ending their time together. Why shouldn’t we be uneasy about it? Unlike marriage, it is one relationship we never want to see come to an end.

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Unknown said...

Spring usually means playoff's for the Celtics and Bruins. It's been a long hard winter for us, the Celtics as well as the Bruins. With all the snow still covering the ground we shall NOT see the flowers rise or for that matter, nor the Celts or B's. Forget spring, with the Red Sox new acquisitions lets hope for a GREAT summer!