Sunday, April 26, 2015

Bob Lobel: Brady's White House Snub

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

I hear Tom Brady didn't  make it to the White House. One out of four isn’t too bad. 

Tim Thomas didn’t either, from what I remember. One out of one, for the guy who almost single-handedly brought  the Stanley Cup to Boston. Some people don’t care, others care a lot. I care that they got the invitation. 

The reality is that the President and Brady could play golf, or basketball or whatever any time they want. We don’t know why either Thomas or Brady passed on the opportunity to steal some silverware. Since he has already won three other Super Bowls, he probably already has a matching set. Time to start on the China. 

You know, I didn’t see Peyton Manning there either.

I was told that he came around to the back door to drop off the Papa John's pizzas for the ceremony. Vince Wilfork, the lovable ex-defensive lineman had plans to take a drone. For some reason, those plans never got off the ground. 

Yes, there were some light moments and, in general, fun was had by all that were there. However, it was so obvious to me that the best opportunity for a magic moment was in the hands of Robert Kraft, and it never happened.  

Let me remind one and all that Kraft was with Putin at an event after the first Super Bowl win. Remember?  Kraft took off his Super Bowl ring and showed it to the Russian President, who calmly put it in his pocket. 

What did you say? Putin took Kraft's ring number one? Whether he mistakenly thought it was a gift, which it wasn’t, it would have been awkward to say the least to ask for it back. Too badski! 

The moment of redemption was lost for one reason or another. The right move, in the interest of international relations, would have been to give President Obama a Super Bowl ring as well. Clearly, the next in-person meeting between the two ring bearers would have brought a major photo op, and certainly enhanced the opportunity for unusual, but effective, detente. 

Tell me I'm wrong. 

Come on Robert. Have you lost the fastball? This was a moment labeled as fleeting, and when it's not taken advantage of, it's not going to come around again. Besides, if Brady had made the trip and brought Gisele, the day would  have concluded with her redecorating the place, getting it ready for when they move in. 

You know that right? Brady for president? After all, it would be better living there then visiting. By the way, I didn’t see Roethlisberger or Luck in the Rose Garden either... 

Plus, where was Adam?

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Anonymous said...

Adam is golfing,Peyton is training.Tim Thomas didn't go for political views.Brady went 3 times but Bush was president.Might Mr.Brady have a problem with democrats or Obama himself.