Friday, May 8, 2015

Bob Lobel: The NFL Gives Ammo to Patriots Haters Everywhere

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

First it was the winter from hell. Plenty and plenty of snow… It never seemed to end. But now we go from the snow to the snow job. Not at all surprised how the league, AKA the dog and pony show, reacted, along with the millions of crazies who hate us. 

All across this land on this planet, they are celebrating The Wells Report as if their home team won the Super Bowl. Keep an eye out for victory parades springing up all over, probably starting with Indianapolis. 

The semi revelations have already sent validation to all haters and speculators that the Patriots are indeed cheaters. It's not a problem unless you get caught. The Foxboro people seem to be leading the league in CC. That is code for “caught cheating.”

It's not difficult to see that pro football is drifting towards the way professional wrestling. It sure seems like it is to me. It is becoming a hero/villain sport with chaos at the top, as in Goodell and the people he works for.

A person I have in mind is Robert Kraft... Powerful owner, but really stepped in it calling for an apology way before anyone really knew anything. Looks like Belichick will skate, but we all know who won't.

Would the league sit the star attraction out of that season opening game with ratings galore? Maybe they'll suspend Brady and allow him to appeal until a more convenient slate of games comes along?  Kraft already did his damage, Brady has yet to and Belichick is pretty much out of the picture. 

You won’t believe what I'm about to say: This witch hunt underlines my thought that this was just not a big deal. The problem has become the cover up. No need for that. Also, you don't need to have the owner blast away at a Super Bowl press conference saying his coach and quarterback need to be forgiven for the whole stupid thing. 

It has become obvious and seemingly joyful to see the perfect human become maybe not so perfect. 

So, where does this land? Clearly, this not what we ever expected. Yes, it is another painful portrait of a man who fell to earth.  It's been murder, domestic violence, drugs, bounties, and lots of other bad stuff that takes up the time between games. 

Now with all that side show stuff, it's somehow become about air pressure. The league has been lax in defining situations that could have been prevented. So there is my take. And, after "DeflateGate," with so much money and fantasy leagues, the NFL just keeps sliding towards pro wrestling. 

Where is Vince McMahon?

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Anonymous said...

Deflategate is just a frivilous concocted distraction from the Aaron Hernandez trial and all the other violent felons who were NFL uniforms. One step up from the gladiators.