Monday, May 4, 2015

Bob Lobel: A Weak End to the Biggest Weekend in Sports

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

The Draft, the Derby, the fight, A-Rod, Swihart, Tazawa, Mujica, Uehara, Gronk and all the rest. 

I am advocating a short, short blog, because each one of the above is worth a couple of pages. I'll rank these assuming nothing else happens between me writing this and you reading it.  

A-Rod was the one moment that stands out as something you would see or read about and say “no way.” A moment of great disbelief. Tazawa was the one that threw the 3-0 pitch to the pinch hitter that night. Guaranteed, he can play until he is 85 and will never forget that pitch. 

Mayweather and domestic abuse.  

Those fights against women really should have been prosecuted, if only to prevent last night's sleepfest. Pacquiao was hurt. No pain shot allowed during the fight? 

Do I smell a rematch? I hope not.

PGA golf goes to the island green this week with Tiger in the field. That’s a watchable event for those two reasons alone. Keegan Bradley and Angel Jimenez would be a pairing to hope for, because it might showcase my personal solution to make the PGA more interesting.  

Simply allow fighting in golf. 

I have no claim as to what circumstances would lead up to dropping the clubs and really taking on your opponent. Who cares what it might be. The tension would be palpable as we speculate when the clubs come off and who might have the advantage, and was he or she justified. 

So, no more fight talk or draft speculation. There will be some Triple Crown talk. There always is, and yet it never happens. There will be Tiger and the green. The Red Sox bullpen will be getting the brunt of things, unless there is some distraction. 

I really think the next column should be about Hanley Rameriz, Manny Rameriz and how much alike they appear to be. 

Hey, here's my offer to you. Write a guest column on that subject and email it to SuiteSports editor Joe Parello at 

If it's good enough, we print it. 

Really following this author for one week won't exactly tax your skills as a keeper of the journal.

Bring it on.

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