Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Bob Lobel: Boston Sports are Gonna Be All Right

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

I kinda liked Shane Victorino. I can think of two reasons why, almost immediately. 

One, he had a very big grand slam in the 2013 postseason. Second, and more importantly, he brought with him the “Three Little Birds” walk up to the plate song that became a rather weak runner up to “Sweet Caroline."  

“Every little thing is gonna be all right" were the lyrics adopted by the fans to sing along to. The real  problem is that this year everything “is not going to be all right.” 

So thanks for the legacy, Shane, and good luck.

Please take the three little birds with you, since we can't imagine anyone else using them. Can you believe that a player's legacy included a walk up song that has gone away, for now at least? Quite a claim to fame. 

There is no way I can tell you why things are so grim this season. Probably because of the usual things… Expectations of a really good baseball team that never materialized, for one reason or another, is at the top of the list. Plenty of reasons actually. We all realize that great expectations can only lead to great disappointments. Welcome to baseball in 2015. 

Firing people is usually the reaction to such a dismal performances, however, it might not come to that. Dysfunctional players are at the top of my list. Players with issues, egos, baggage and lots of other things can get in the way of winning. And, as I am transitioning to football, it is impossible while the league and the players association are about to fight in court over Tom Brady's ridiculous situation. 

People ask and the answer is always the same: I have no clue as to what the final judgement will be. Maybe TB12 should just walk away and show 32 billionaires how humble millionaires make it work. Remember, above all else, it's an owners' league. Not players, not fans, but owners.

In this context you can readily see that no one can win. So let's let no one win and get this over with. 

The Olympics that never were are gone. The US open is coming back to Brookline, which points out that this is the kind of event suited for the immediate area. The Olympics, out dated as the last century, is to be used for poor, up-and-coming countries in need of attention and money. 

So, entering the dog days of August we should remember the one thing that used to unite us. 

“Everything is gonna be all right."  

I have no idea how, but I know it to be true.

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