Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bob Lobel: Pats Fans Still Await Brady's Fate

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Just how long should it take to get a Brady decision from the NFL?  

Not this long. OK, Tom, go to federal court. Get an injunction, play when the season starts and let the court process work itself out. I find it hard to believe that the NFL has an appetite for public litigation involving one of, if not the, biggest face of the league.  

Public relations is a huge part of the league's presentation. 

They own the public's interest and wallet. Let's see how “slick Rodger” can pull this off. Is it a lose/lose situation or a win/win deal? How can charity be served and the league stand tall with its image  if the commish does something stupid (Oh sorry, he has already used up the stupid pills that came with the job)? 

So many theories, and more surprises. Truth or dare? Whatever. Fans get distracted by their own teams, and somehow the Brady/air issue slips through the cracks. There is frustration out there. 

Tiger, for one. How far away is the day that no one wants to hear from him or ask him questions? Just like Dustin Johnson! How amazing would that be if he came back after blowing the US Open to win the British Open? What a story! 

What's more improbable: Dustin Johnson winning at St. Andrews or the Red Sox coming back from whatever hole they dug themselves into? Will David Ortiz have recovered enough to join his team and actually play first base if he is asked? The way the conversation has gone this week, many others seem to agree that missing the last game against the Yankees on Sunday was a little sketchy. History seems to repeat itself when it comes to behavior. 

It seems some of his popularity is eroding, and he is to blame. Period!  

So it's Brady vs the Red Sox. Now you know why soap operas have had such a great run. Which is a lock to make their respective Hall of Fames, Brady or Ortiz? I think one is automatic and the other may have to wait for as long as Jim Rice did. 

Enough on that. When David doesn’t get in on the first ballot will he ask for a recount? Nothing should surprise. Do the Sox put netting from backstop to third and first base dugouts?  I can tell you that sitting behind the netting at home plate doesn’t affect your vision at all. It's like it's not even there. 

Fans aren’t going to like it, but I think its probably going to happen and they will get used to it. Getting a little nervous about the Olympic movement for The Hub. I don’t think this city needs anything like that event. 

I also think that event has worn itself out through the last decade, along with the inevitable security and probability of violence being added as a new competition.  

Thanks but no thanks. Don’t lose sleep waiting for it.

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