Friday, August 14, 2015

Bob Lobel: Just Get This Brady Decision Over With

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Pick a side… You're going to lose.

Pick the other side… You're going to lose. 

And so the most ridiculous argument ever forced onto sports fans is nearing an end.  A little longer and the NFL dream comes true. They don’t care about the W and L. They have already hit the jackpot. 

Fans won't remember what this was about because the games are starting. 


To the place where no one will care and we are there. One more week, and it will be  “play ball.” Gamble for all your worth. Hop aboard the fantasy train. Do you really think the Patriots are going to lose any of the four games that TB12 is on the sidelines? 

Well, I care nothing about this fiasco. Get it done and don’t speak of it ever again. Football is back with those minor distractions in courts rooms across the land. The league mantras of “talk about us, watch us, bet on us" will all shoo those blues  away. 

Should we even get to the baseball team? What's the point? I'm trying to figure out how I would play this if I were still sitting on the anchor desk and having to cover this amazing failure.

I did decide this morning. I would not put out the panic button, I would not warn the viewers that Red Sox highlights are coming up to make sure the kids are in bed. I would simply say that I'm about to show the Red Sox highlights, but first, another story…

I would probably do that until we had no time left and then I would look into the camera and offer my apology for poor time management.  

No time for those highlights tonight. And, after the apology, I would promise to do better next time.  Does that sound like a plan? Does to me.   

OK, it's been that kinda summer, but now the most “hated” and “most loved” sports team in America is about to take on another challenge. I do feel good about that, blown up and blown down, doesn't matter… Ever… At all, and never will.

Love and peace

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