Friday, August 21, 2015

Bob Lobel: Making Sense of the Red Sox Shakeup

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

One of the fascinating things about hanging around the Boston sports universe is that things seem to happen all at once.

It can be dead quiet and then, BOOM, the world as we know it changes in ways we never thought possible. Larry leaves, Ben leaves without a gorilla suit and here comes Dave. Just when you try to grasp all the machinations and who is the real front office power now, the Brady feud looks closer to resolution than ever before.

These two blockbuster events took very different paths to resolution. Are we going to miss getting up every morning thinking how air in footballs could actually keep us in a 7-month conversation that created instant scientists an debaters, while the Red Sox front office did things the old fashioned way. 

Goodbye, hello, good luck. 

Could the most powerful man in Boston sports just say goodbye to clear the way for Dombrowski? Would Larry have done it this way? Did the front office feud drive Larry out and let fresh air in? Speculation will be the topic du jour. 

Was this Larry's last decision, or would he have approved it? Did Tom Werner emerge as the new Sox final answer? We probably will never know.

What was more important, replacing Larry or replacing Ben? 

If you could do both with one move, would you do it? Apparently, the answer is absolutely! 

The deal is done, just like that. 

Brady and Goodell went about as far down the parallel roads with their own agendas as possible. Certainly each had enormous personal stakes in the outcome and it appears, like in most situations that seem impossible to solve, nobody got it all, and everybody got some. 

Hike! Lets go. 

Just what will we talk about now with total strangers? Brady/Goodell was the ultimate icebreaker. Even better than talking about the weather.  So this has been an old fashioned Boston sports week. All hell breaks loose and it’s a new ball game. 

For sure, the Red Sox have new stars. Xander, Mookie and JBJ for three. Holt may signal the end of the Pedroia-led era. The old adage is you can't win without pitching. Guess that has been verified. Actually there are lots of things you can't win without. 

It appears they are holding Ben responsible and other baseball people as well. And while the work of the Red Sox is designed to have a long term winning philosophy, that Brady thing that kept us intellectually engaged for months, will be most likely forgotten in a week or so.  Or at last after he serves his suspension for non -cooperation, be it one game or a 101 games. 

Feels like a fresh start to me. The Sox were bold and that was all we could ask for. 

Brady/Goodell is going away. That too, is all we can ask for.

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