Friday, September 4, 2015

Bob Lobel: Brady Wins Another Big One

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

"Go ahead, make my day.” 

There are many ways to describe the anguish fans have been put through during the last seven months, which I believe is the gestation period for an ostrich. You know, the one that puts its head in the sand. Heads have been in the sand for a long time on this story, which wasn’t a story, but became one when nobody had a clue as to why it took seven months to talk about and decide it. 

Call it a storybook ending. 

All that was missing was Troy Brown shouting, bingo, we got bingo! We win again, bingo!

We must have cheated. There can be no other explanation. 

Just to catch you up on some things you may have missed: Larry Lucchino has vacated the Red Sox front office and Tom Werner moved into that corner office. John Farrell has been ill, but reports are that he is getting better. They have no pitching, but be satisfied that they have come up with an all-world outfield, featuring three amazing 5-tool players.

The problem is, of course, they can't pitch. 

The defending Super Bowl champions faced their biggest defensive test in the offseason, which is now officially over. Their defense proved to be incredibly tough, although their offensive leader was spearheading the whole thing.  It was like the late Herb Brooks talking to the 1980 US Olympic hockey team saying “not this day.”

Hot air was behind the whole thing, or lack of it. Now they must soldier on, ever labeled cheaters in the minds of many. It's like stupid people calling the rest of the world dumb. Ok, dumb and dumber. 

The greatest money making sports league kicked one out of bounds after they insisted they were going to finally get those cheaters from the Northeast. Brady's pristine image was sullied, and Belichick was remarkable by his absence, claiming no knowledge of gas and where it comes from or where it goes. 

For seven months, every caller on talk radio was a lawyer or had a brother-in-law that went to law school. More theories and more outcomes were offered over and over again. But Bingo, we win again. 

Tom never seems to lose the big one, while Roger can't seem to win a big one, or small one for that matter. This was Roger's revenge and it turned sour on him. 

$5 million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used to. That was the Wells Report price, and it is was Roger's personal choice to get the goods on the cheaters.  


Were any bets made by politicians as usual for the big game outcome?  Silence! 

And now our summer distraction of distractions ends just before the season begins. The big question now is, "will Roger be in Foxboro for the traditional league opener next Thursday night?"

It’s a big day for the league. Big TV ratings, probably because it's human nature to gawk at an accident. Will that accident actually walk across the field Thursday night? 

The sound coming from the crowd will let us know. 

There is one thing that the league office can thank us for. If you think the original “Patriots' Day” is a bogus holiday, then brace yourself for Patriots' Day IIIV!

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