Monday, September 28, 2015

Bob Lobel: The Silence of the Fans

 By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

The whining and “we want Brady” chants have calmed down to a normal level. I mean, point out a franchise that doesn’t want Brady. 

You watch him every Sunday and ask yourself, “what is the magic here?” 

He is taller than most quarterbacks, and now,later in his career, appears stronger. He's played in the same offensive system for his whole career under one head coach and three offensive coordinators. That is an amazing fact. It just doesn’t happen that way in most stadiums, but it did here. 

Everyone is on the same page and that is a tremendous advantage.  Imagine if he played somewhere in the NFC in the Midwest or wherever.  There is no way the NFL is that special here under any circumstances. No way Roger Goodell becomes the classic fool of ridicule. 

Let's see how smart they are and get themselves out of the mess they created. One thing that has become obvious is rich people are not necessarily smart people. Brady withstood the slings and arrows of being labeled a cheater, fraud and all those things that went with the grim portrayal by the other franchises. 

Listen, the “cheat” word is just not appropriate here or anywhere. We can all say that everyone does it, and now, that seems to become the phrase that pays for every team at some stupid level.

So the enemy, pure and simple, is not gas. You may think so when your dog tries to escape detection, but it's not gas.

It is injuries, which of course cannot be controlled or managed. 

The Brady way is to “get out of the way.” Moving from side to side, he has bought more time and more insurance. Of course, sports fans are never happy. 

Nothing is more true than here when those same fans that want to be part of stunning wins and dramatic plays, check out the power puff schedule awaiting the defending champions. It has to be an art form to manage a team with this much talent against such weak opposition and get through it without a major injury. Shrug you shoulders and just hope those become minor distractions. 

The skill players after the quarterback and tight ends along with slot receivers is remarkable. The biggest asset is they now where the QB is throwing the ball, and when they get to it, they catch it.  

Julian Edelman has gone from a Golden Flash quarterback to receiver beyond  compare. We all thought that Welker and Danny Woodhead   were about as tough as it gets when you measure size and toughness. Wrong!! 

This guy that will go down as one of the tough guys of all times. 

It does seem like we must have cheated, because there is no way one team can collect the kind of talent that plays so fiercely here.  

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