Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bob Lobel: What to Make of Brady and Trump

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

It might not have been a problem if Brady had came out and stumped for a candidate that was on my “maybe” list.  

However, it did get my attention when I thought I heard on the radio that TB12 was endorsing, so to speak, Donald Trump! They have a lot in common, and much of it may not be how to rule the world. There is the money, which leads to being a true A list celebrity, which both of these guys are.

As a point of reference, I consider the Kardashians to be around a C+. All of it is strictly a matter of your opinion vs anybody else’s.  

While I know there is no right or wrong, it always has been a little sketchy hearing about professional athletes endorsing political candidates. There is some sort of disconnect that is real, but difficult to explain. Maybe it's because we can't grasp the crossover in occupations. I just know that it was somewhat disappointing hearing an endorsement from our Tom after all that went down this summer. 

I can not tell you why that exists, but it does. I know they are pals in the golfing sense of things. I have some friends on the other side of the aisle as well, I just didn’t think Brady would go there.

I remember when Ted Williams went to New Hampshire to stump for George Bush. Ted was never shy about his opinions on anything. If he was for someone or something, he never hesitated to tell you. Opposed to something drew the same commitment. 

But that was then and we have come a long way. Now that the season has begun, the contrast with the on field NFL and the front office NFL seems like the grand canyon. The television presentation seems to clean up the mess the commissioner's office created with their petty way of running the show. The  pictures and technology just cover up that whole mess. 

Draft Kings is about to rule our lives.

It's really legalized gambling that has taken fantasy leagues into reality leagues. The NFL now has to become somewhat even handed in its punishments for unsportsmanlike plays that could maim  or injure, and there are plenty of those every week. Hey, it can't be all bad.

Maybe Brady is going to get Goodell in the long run. The plan is now so obvious. The Donald replaces the Roger at the NFL helm. Surely he must have wide appeal in the ranks of would be fellow wealthy owners? 

Players will like his style as opposed to prep school Rog. Let's get on this bandwagon. Trump thinks he is campaigning for president when he really is putting his chips in the corner office of the NFL. 

So, with that understood, it's easy to see why Brady is on  that train. 

Pay back comes in many forms and, as usual, Tom Brady has a winning strategy. Truth be known, the league would be a whole lot more fun with Donald Trump as commissioner. It's a lot easier to see him there then on the capital steps with one hand on the Bible.

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