Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bob Lobel: Aqib Talib and Other NFL Punks

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Why don’t we get players like that #aqibtalib Bronco punk? 

Oh, we did have him? The key word being “did." D-I-D.  

Sounds like another former loser no longer in Foxboro. Just unload the bad character guys and you have a chance at something. Maybe it's just respect, one of the hardest earned concepts that is not a visual.

Ok, draw some respect.    

One thing's for certain, it does not resemble a poke in the eye with two fingers.  Also, two reminders: Every team is suspect for having bad guys. One team actually has a former draft pick and starter in jail for murder. That’s hard to believe, but nonetheless true.  So the murderer is out of the league for life, besides being out of life for life. We know the punishment for homicide, but what's the punishment for poking an opponent in the eye with two fingers?

In this league, where the punishments are about as difficult to understand as “the cloud," one game must really seem excessive.   

Heck remember the Brady thing? Talib will be like the other bad guys.  Maybe after he retires, he’ll sit next to Ray Lewis on the ESPN pregame show. 

Then, waiting in the wings on the big screen is the NFL's worst nightmare, if the truth wins out. Word is, “Concussion," to be released around Christmas, will not be a welcome presentation. Of, course the NFL has gotten the picture's producers to tone it down. 

The truth seems to be an elusive commodity around NFL offices these days. 

So when Talib is shown doing what he did, the reminders about the punk side of the league emerge all too frequently. What was unusual about this was it triggered coaches on opposing teams to point their fingers (no helmets involved) at some of their counterparts. 

Once in a while, commissioner, it's not a bad idea, if done fairly, to hold players accountable. It's been painfully obvious that accountability is absent. 

Of course, don’t worry about America's Team with  Jerry Jones dealing with the bad guys. He will fix them. What else can be his motivation for keeping the punk of punks, Greg Hardy? 

You wonder what will be his end game? If it wasn’t his fawning jock sniffing owner, his football end game would be underway.

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