Monday, November 16, 2015

Bob Lobel: Using Sports as a Distraction

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

This would have been a terrific old-time Patriots win to be enjoyed by all north of Hartford, but the French Connection held the world's attention, and still will long after the Patriots move onto the next arena. 

On the game, I'll be short but sweet. There was only one time while watching that I thought the Patriots would win: When Gostkowski's final kick did not veer off the road at the last 10 feet. 

That’s when I knew they would win that very entertaining mid season game. The game was a perfect example of what sports should be- a diversion from the bad stuff. 

Yeah, that was bad stuff in Paris. Keeping the game front and center, and not veering into the darkness, is the goal here. That was a terrific game, though I think the loss of Edelman takes so much away from their offense.

Brady seemed distracted. 

The Giants believed they were truly giant killers, and they almost were. These eyes thought they played better than New England up until the time the game was on the line. 

Two great coaches, each with New England stamped on their back, made it an unusually exciting couple of hours. It shows how most of the other coaches, to be or not to be fired, don’t rise to the level of Coughlin and Belichick. 

So if you're thinking about a Super Bowl rematch, I want nothing to do with it. A win like that over the team we can't beat is plenty for me. 

Let the Pats win a Super Bowl against somebody else.

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