Monday, December 28, 2015

Bob Lobel: (Coin) Flipped Off

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

There are three words and three alone that stick out in this moment at the end of 2015: Merry, Happy, and Heads. 

You can't say those words enough at this time of this year, unless of course you chose you Heads.  Merry and Happy will get you smiles and new friends. Heads gets you nothing but ridicule. 

So we move onto the final regular season week. A little stunned, but move on we must. It's really bizarre how we can get ready for a team we should beat, but still have this gut wrenching feeling that a win is anything   but what's really going to happen. Go ahead and pick a winner. 

Are we talking about a player that can't follow the instructions or are we talking about over coaching?  It now seems like the latter, but one more game and it's possible we will have no memory of what happened the Sunday after Christmas. We do know one thing for sure, whatever you call next week  in Miami, you will own the choice. Please make sure you have the right answer for the people who are charged with flipping it.  

Whether to start the game or start the overtime, you will win the toss.  How do I know this? Because you always do

So it's obvious the ranks are depleted and the game plays on. How far you go looks a lot more difficult now with so much pain left on the field. And, of course, the inability to deal with heads vs. tails.  Maybe we should do colors like Red and Blue, or numbers like 1 and 2.

Or dog and cat, something like that. 

Anything that would make the flip work to your advantage. Yes, I'm sure they will devote an afternoon this week to practicing the coin toss just to get ready for Miami. 

The Jets won because they had a better quarterback and better offensive line and, basically, a better team. The real key was the desperation  factor. 

In this league, when teams are desperate to win a game, they usually do.  Desperation is not a happy place to be of course.  There is no reason on Earth why the patriots should be desperate, unless that coin toss thing comes up again.

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