Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bob Lobel: New England Fans Waiting For The Playoffs

By Bob Lobel (@BobLobel)

Okay, it’s the Thanksgiving-Christmas hole. So have we all figured out how the NFL playoffs are going to shake out? Of course not. Me neither. The networks spend hours showing us the current playoff standings and spend more hours explaining it like “NFL Playoffs For Dummies.”

It happens every year. Try to keep track, just to see if your team is in, and who they’ll be playing.  Keep checking the standings and all their permutations. Last weekend, Bob Costas attempted to explain the possibilities of the playoffs. It took seven minutes for him to go through it and I still don’t understand anything well enough to recite.

We go through this every year, but New England are the lucky ones. It seems like it’s the same every year. 12 wins, a first-round bye, getting to stay at home, another week to get healthy.

For Patriots fans, these last few of the season almost seem like a burden. There seem to be more fumbles, more flags, lot and lots of injuries. Everyone is tired, everyone is hurt and the fans just shut it down until the colleges finish their Bowl games. That could be somewhere around the 4th of July. 

Are there any colleges that didn’t play in a bowl game?  Round ‘em up and bring them to New Orleans and start playing the “We Sucked This Year” Bowl. Hey, if you can't make money on your college football program, you should give it up and show some leadership. If your football program only exists to make the Alabamas of the world money, just keep going. Too many Bowl games mean too many teams having a slightly above average seasons, and in the end, it’s a losing  proposition.  But back to the NFL. Who and where are we playing again? How about anybody but the Giants?  

Star Wars exploded on the scene and soon “Concussion” will be exploding in NFL front offices. You would think that a movie  about the scourge of the football world would be the last thing on Earth the NFL would want for Christmas while their league goes to the playoffs. For some reason, I don’t think the movie will live up to its trailer. It is being portrayed as dire, but there is no way a network is going to rupture a relationship with the cash cow known as the NFL.

Meanwhile, there is a lot on our plate.  When is it too much?  I think we’re there.  All that remains is Donald Trump losing in the primary and then becoming the Commissioner of the NFL.  Most will say that would be better than what they have now, but most owners would be terrified to face that hair in a power struggle.  So strap it on and fill it with whatever fuel works to get you to the end.

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