Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bob Lobel: The Patriots are Perfect No More

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Ed. Note- Bob wrote his blog for the week Sunday morning but, after the crazy events of the Patriots game, decided to add three introductory paragraphs to address New England's first loss.

Of course, when you write about something that’s going to happen, you could be hailed as the next Edgar Casey. And so it is on the day after Denver I can tell you a lot.

Yesterday, I could tell you nothing of substance. However, the part about injuries in this part of the season wasn’t exactly a lie. It's like all the big guns are hurt because they do what they are expected to do. Who knows what's going to happen now. 

The schedule seems to be their best friend. So now, let's journey back to hours before game time and see what I thought then...

Yes, the Patriots play in Denver and, probably, the results are in by the time this is read. So what to do about that? Can't write about it. What if there is a game changing or season changing injury (almost was)? The Patriots may have already had their injury issues that eventually will catch up to them. Maybe! 

So has everyone else apparently. 

Can't remember a season with more injuries to one and all. And, adding gas to the fire, this is the time when those injuries just keep piling up. Conclusion. The game is too inviting for injuries to happen after  the 10 game mark. 

Every team is now finding those earlier injuries catching up and making a difference. 

Way too many penalty flags and way too many players getting hurt.  Please brace yourself for the movie “Concussion." Soon to be released and soon to  be criticized  as  “not accurate,” certainly by the NFL.

It  will hurt football at all levels. Any parent seeing it will surly think twice about letting their youngster (whatever that means) participate. It has become the question of the year: "Would you let your son or daughter play football.”  There are now many more “no” answers than ever before. 

This movie must be seen. I think I should say that, but I thought "The Hunger Games" should be seen, too. 

This stretch drive for the Patriots will test Brady and Belichick more than most. They have to score  a lot of points, and the people they depend on to do that are hurt. Some more than others, but still, pain is such a huge factor going forward. 

I do have a question, and it’s a curious one; Medical marijuana? If MM is used to control pain, how will it be applied to big time hurt? Don’t know, but pain killers are a huge commodity in the National Football League, both on and off the field. 

MM is not addictive and does work, but it might take a while before professional sports use it on as a replacement for opiates.  

An observation about the last game against Buffalo; Rex Ryan is a dunce, and the noise level at the stadium was unusually low. I can't fix Rex, but the cold weather probably pushed many club seaters inside to watch the game at the bar.  

More people inside, less noise outside. 

It's bizarre that the home team can't generate the noise that always  seems to help. So, home or away, there is not much help outside that huddle.  Certainly not in Denver but, as I said, no sense even talking about that cause anything bad could happen.

No sense talking about the positive because we expect it. Only when things go terribly wrong do we become emotionally involved. So stay classy, New England, and try not to make a star out of Peyton's backup.

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