Monday, February 1, 2016

Bob Lobel: Is the Patriots Dynasty on the Brink?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Sometimes it just feels like you're on the brink… 

There is no real proof, but you know it's there. It is the same thing as the Under Toad in “The World According to Garp." Seemingly, something not so good is going to happen. Patriot fans, which now include most all of us since those dark days of Victor Kiam, have joined the happy place, aka the razor in Foxboro. 

The happy place is beginning to show some wear and tear. No doubt it’s the human condition. The approach of football middle age. It affects quarterbacks later than others, and it must affect coaches who have no real life away from the film room.

Prevent yourself from being surprised when it hits your team. 

Just accept that it is part of the human condition. So back to the brink.

There is a very good chance things are not going to get better. Fans keep looking at the young defense and saying that’s where the future is. They are probably right, but no one is saying what that future is.  

Any more Edelmans or Gronkowskis out there? Any more 6th round quarterbacks hanging around? How about an anti-injury serum? 

Too bad that shows up after the injury, not before. 

Their best players are not going to make it through another season with the ferocity they bring to the field. Hey, this is just an observation. If you see things differently, then show me the money.

It's good to be wrong about these things. 

It makes the pressure of air in footballs seem like a stupid pursuit… Worry about the air in your tires and the age of your team. Coaches are far from immune, which we may have seen in the last part of the last season. 

Burnout is not exactly a new concept, especially for coaches past 60. Our guy is exceptional, despite bring the second-oldest coach still walking the sidelines. 

In no way should this be interpreted as a surrender. It's just the Under Toad lurking around out there.  Just be aware that the knock at the door probably is not a welcome visitor. 

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