Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Bob Lobel: Red Sox Fans and the Expanding Waistband of Pabload

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

So which is it, Tom Werner? 

You tell assembled media that you're not disappointed in Pabload, then, on the radio right after that, you tell Glenn Ordway and cast that you are disappointed in Pabload.

Which is it, owner in charge of baseball operations?  

I'm taking the second answer for $20 million. You're not in court under oath for Bill Cosby. You're not endorsing Donnie Trump, yet. This is way more important… This is Red Sox baseball and the fans finding an annual list of players to pick on, be mad at or just be disgusted.

Pabload qualifies as no other player in a long list including Carl Crawford. As memory  seems true, this is about as bad as it gets. Ok, bring out your best fat jokes. I know fat. My deceased father was fat (died at 57… heart).

I know fat, personally. At the age around playing little league, I used to wear “huskey” size. That may seem funny to some, but not if you had to buy it and wear it. Of course, you thought you were the only one. That made it worse. 

Are the Red Sox the only team employing a “tailor.” They must have considered it. Sumo size please.

Making fun of a serious situation? There is no doubt that Red Sox fans are totally disgusted with this development, but do you think those fans are worried about Pabload's health. Seriously, these are Red Sox fans. 

Now they are forced into a position of hoping he hits what he weighs. That would solve everything, including the Tom Werner dilemma of yes or no. If he hits his weight it becomes “see I told you I wasn't disappointed. If he crashes and burns, it's “I really was disappointed from the start.” 

The only question now is, “where is Larry Lucchino?" 

He used to take these bullets because he knew how. He didn’t leave that ability in the “baseball ops manual.” Ok, there is no bowing to Ortiz every game of his final season.  That wound have been the distraction, but if I'm a fan sitting in those expensive seats, the distraction is right out there at 3rd base.

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