Monday, March 7, 2016

Bob Lobel: The Red Sox and Republicans are Giving us Plenty to Talk About

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

In a lifetime of hanging around sports venues and being fortunate enough to be there for some of the most exciting moments, it all pales by comparison to the debates on TV staged by the Republicans. 

Send the kids to bed for the 9 pm start. 

They rate it R, and it doesn’t stand for Republican. 

For people to get in and watch in person, be prepared to be carded. The most frequently asked question has been, “have you ever seen anything like this?” The answer, from just about everybody in the know, is a resounding "no!" 

Of course not, you couldn’t make this stuff up! It is a little difficult to see how America will be great again after watching the arguing of these three children and their adult chaperone from Ohio. 

The only bad thing is, we are running out of debates!

Encore broadcasts, as they call the “repeats,” is one obvious answer. Take a “lesson from NESN,” and do a shaved down version and call it "Republicans in Two." How does it end?  It doesn’t seem like it's going to end well. At any rate, now competing for that audience are the Red Sox. 

Spring training has started, but who really cares? Gone unnoticed, hasn't it? 

Well, its typical of  the local entry in the AL East that the word "distraction" has been a part of it all. Nothing new there. There are always major D’s.

Working backwards, we had the Hanley move to first base, we had the Ortiz pronouncement that this year is the end, thus setting up a huge season-long distraction, because someone will have to figure out how to get the gifts home.  

He may get a plane or helicopter, or many of the same. Creativity will be at a premium, because the major competition will be by the gifting teams, to see if they can be unique and stand alone. Good luck. 

The victory tour will be an obscene display of opulence for a guy who has already hit the jackpot, but doesn’t seem to realize it. Whatever.

Pablo, with his attached luggage, has been a huge distraction, and will be when the season starts. Only pinstripes make you look thinner.  

Again, like the “goodbye David” stuff, this will be an every day distraction. The latest, of course, and I hesitate to mention it, but a distraction it will be: Will John  Farrell finish the season? He has been a great story and a great problem. We have seen this movie before: Man in uniform meets eye candy reporter, and smoke is the by product.  

This will be the excuse that the Red Sox use if it comes down for him to stay or go.  By the way, why does she have to quit her job?   

I understand the twisted logic in this but, it doesn’t seem fair. 

Either both stay or both go. Does it affect the NESN  or Comcast journalism standards?  You have to be kidding me. Really? 

Some will say she was better at her job than he was at his, yet, just leave your resignation on my desk... 

So from Pablo, to Hanley, to Ortiz and Farrell, apparently no one is immune. 

It's like a virus, and there is no preventative medication available. The answer could be obvious: The only way to get people past the distraction action is the have Donald Trump throw out the first ball on opening day. 

The caveat to that is no immigrants, minorities, Muslims, or illegal aliens are allowed to catch it. Play ball.

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