Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Bob Lobel: Brady's Suspension Could Be a Blessing

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

So, it's cold and rainy, and people are grumpy in New England because Rodger Goodell won his game against Tom Brady… For now.  

I say don’t change a thing. Brady has taken lots of hits for his team, but this may be the biggest and most important of all. A four game suspension at the start of the season against pretty weak stuff? Big deal! 

I also ask you: How often does a team get three home games in a row? Home is where the heart is, and also a great advantage for the Patriots. 

Teams at home win more often no matter who is the quarterback, so let's pretend we're just giving Brady the first four games off as we start the new season, keeping in mind that three of the four are at home and eminently winnable. 

Not only that, but Jimmy Garoppolo, the heir apparent, will be the featured quarterback, and we will see just what we have  in the lad for the future. Can't ask for anything more. It's a no risk, or at least a very small one, to see the next quarterback down the line. 

After all, lets us not forget how Brady got there. By chance, and most things are by chance.  This is an opportunity that has magically fallen into their lap. The blow hard commissioner has presented New England with something no one could have seen coming when this hot air bogus discovery first emerged. 

Thank you, NFL. Three words we never thought would ever been uttered around here again. 

Ok, the million dollars and the draft picks didn’t need to be part of the package, but the gift you gave, hopefully, will outweigh the cost to the Patriots. So relax, Tom. Just add those games to the end of the season, and no one will remember this stupid exercise in abuse of power. 

Now, as an addendum, let's point out the Red Sox recent success. Starting from the pitching and working around the other 8 players, John Farrell may have solidified his spot in the dugout. So we now have no less than three teams fighting for space in the papers and online. 

The Celtics, still in it for however long they are, would be the bonus. So I rest my case.  Now with Garoppolo being the opening day starter, who else will play quarterback in the preseason games?

Edelman? Kent State Golden Flash quarterback turned pass catching NFL star? 

Just another athlete from the football factory in north central Ohio. As we used to say, “get hot, flashes!"

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