Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bob Lobel: Curt Schilling Continues to Self-Destruct

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Open mouth, insert bloody sock. 

Mr. Self-destruct is on the road again. Actually, he has been told to hit the road by ESPN. It's like having the bullpen take over in your first inning. Throwing too many strikes when you should just follow the signs and do what the catcher says. 

Not our Curt.

Thank you for your work and contributions to 2004, and thank goodness you weren’t paid by the word. Sometimes it just pays to remember you can never learn anything while you're talking. Also, it would help to know that your audience paid for you to pitch, not bitch. 

Hard to believe, but the intelligentsia doesn’t care whatsoever about your opinions outside the ball park. It’s a sad story really. Especially when you had it all by using your athletic ability. Why didn’t that carry over to your mouth? 

Didn’t you have a clue when some people thought the blood was something red put on your sock to enhance the hero locked inside? 

I won't question the blood, that’s over and done with. But it's your future you seem to ignore, unless you're getting in line to audition to be Trump's running mate. 

Moving on to your former team… Still too cold to play night baseball. Tuesday night was one of the worst all the way around: Brutal wind, brutal cold, brutal baseball. Bad luck for fans who paid for that evening, but better ones are yet to come. 

Do we know any more about this team since they came back from Florida?  

For one thing, we know they won't tolerate fat jokes and side shows that distract everyone.  That distraction should never have been there in the first place. At least this team is showing a willingness to correct a wrong.  

This reminds me of the time I tried to check into a Holiday Inn in Winter Haven, Florida, home of the unhappiest person in America. TRUE enough. 

Some national publication ran a contest, and that was the winner. Anyway, the clerk said I didn’t have a room. I said yes I did. She insisted there was nothing reserved for Pablo Bell. True again. Finally I tried a number of variations and bingo. Jackpot. A room at the Holiday Inn in Winter Haven! 

I never could figure out if that was a win or a loss. Maybe Pablo Bell was the way to go. 

Whatever, back to the present. This team could be really good or really bad. If anyone can figure it out, it better be Dave Dombrowski. It's still time for patience, but the manager has already made some sketchy decisions, so even the first game fan would know when things didn’t go our way and why. 

Going .500 on this first cruise through the AL East is not a bad start. So, keep your expectations low and everything will work out all right!

I think one thing we can all count on is Curt Schilling's number probably won't be retired. 

You should use this as a teaching moment, Curt. No one cares what you think or why. Just hang in there with what brought you there. Maybe you will get another chance somewhere else. There is always room for the odd comment now and then, but it was getting constant… Why can't you figure that out?

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