Monday, May 2, 2016

Bob Lobel: Sometimes Being Wrong Can Feel So Right

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

If you don’t like being wrong about anything, don’t give an opinion, and just keep your mouth shut.  

You actually might learn something if you're not talking. In this bizarre business, wrong is a way of life. Like it or leave it. Don’t like it... Well, get used to it. 

This is my "admit I'm wrong" day. 

It won't make me right, but I will try to demonstrate that it’s a way of life. So caution! If you think I'm trying to convince you of something you don’t buy into, stick to it... Unless you think you're wrong. 

OK, I have been wrong about David Ortiz, frequently, and for a long time. The root of this misplaced judgement was his body language with just about everything he didn't like. The final straw was when he crashed the Francona press conference complaining about an RBI he thought he should have gotten from the official scorer, but didn't.   

Just self absorption, I thought.  

Well, people do change. I also thought the plaque he was given by Red Sox management, stating he was the greatest clutch hitter in franchise history, was more about keeping him happy, as opposed to the authentic nature of the recognition. #yaz

Well, there seems to be room at the top, and he has been proving it over and over. What put him over the top for me, and what brings on the mea culpa, was the grand slam in the post season against the Tigers, and him claiming the title of baddest and loudest four letter word uttered in public before the largest audience (rock bands not included), taking that title away from Larry Bird. 

Ok, I feel better having just said it. Another, is the Brady crap. Go to the Supreme Court and take your chances against the evil league you work for. A Supreme Court appearance will drag this out until your kids go to college. 

Like Peyton Manning, retirement is the best way to elude any and all issues. And all that stuff about legacy. Whaat?!?! 

Legacies are for shopping malls, not great quarterbacks. Ok, done with that for now.

A couple of opinions about this Red Sox team: Brock is a terrific, Pedroia-like, player. Who knew there was another?  

Some spring training problems have melted away… #Hanley&Pablo&pitching&manager. So far, it all feels right. Looking good and feeling good. 

Can't be wrong about that!

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