Monday, June 27, 2016

Bob Lobel: Fixing What Ails the Red Sox and Celtics

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

How do you like me now, all you fans of Red Sox nation? 

I am the team you adored less than a month ago. I am the team that has all those players you love, rather than love to hate.

Oops, that was yesterday. 

This is today and sinking fast. Jerry Remy, who has become a major league analyst, spoke the truth by simply saying it’s not the hitting, or the defense, or the speed or any of that crap. Just like it's always the economy, with this Red Sox team, it's the pitching, stupid!

Yes, they have made some big money mistakes, but when you have that money and don’t mind wasting it, then as a fan you can't bring it up as a fault. Spend it and keep spending. 

Once in a while you might get a good one out of it. Not like Pablo what's his name. Here is the emergency break the glass plan: Stay close until the trade deadline. However, fans have come to love these new players in a way that hasn’t been seen around here. 

Trading Mookie or Xander or Jackie Bradley would result in fan revolt. Those guys are now embedded in our hearts. Ortiz is out of the question. Hanley? That is possible, but he hits the ball, when he hits the ball, as hard as anyone ever has, and he has become a first baseman who befriends everyone that stops at his base to talk. 


It's kind of preposterous to say that Brock Holt is the difference, but it's hard to ignore the fact that since Brock has gone missing, so has the entire team. Let's see when he gets back if that is even possible to consider. He has been the difference maker, especially with  all that other talent around. 

The manager? Not really. It's not difficult to manage in the American League, if you stay out of the way. You have to play the cards you are dealt. Look at Cleveland, the new sports Mecca of the country. 

Francona magic has the Indians living off the Cavaliers and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. So now what? I don’t have a clue, but I can tell you, as least for me, it's more interesting talking about the local 9 than going over that insipid NBA draft where Celtic Nation has become unglued. 

Calm down green teamers. You know the problems the league has that money can't cure, in a town where the climate is questionable. When you are neither good nor bad, like the Celtics, then you can't get out, unless lightening strikes.

What are Ainge and Stevens supposed to do? Look again, because they are doing it.

Back to the Sox and their ownership. What is to happen with Liverpool with the British opting out of the EU? Will that have an impact on the local connection? Worth asking, but there are no answers yet. 

There are too many good things about this baseball team. Too much talent. 

I love the fact that there will be four or five All-Stars that got there because they belong, not because of some phony fan ballot stuffing. I love it that Betts, Bogaerts, Bradley, Ortiz and maybe Wright will all be there. 

Good for them, and good for the Red Sox fans.

Well, nothing is more ridiculous than a fan calling a talk show and making on-air trades with nothing but air between one ear and the other. Has there ever been a trade made at the behest of a talk show caller? 

Not really. What does that tell you. It tells me to “stop it." 

The highly touted General Manager, Dave Dombrowski, needs to prove he doesn’t spell his last name Dumb-browski. 

So hang in there. Brock Holt is coming back, thank God.

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