Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bob Lobel: It's the Perfect Time to End the Olympic Games

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

No redeeming social value. 

It’s the perfect time to call it quits for this contrived event that has brought corruption, cheating, and death in the name of uniting the world behind the spirit of competition. If this was ever a manufactured event that was created to promote world peace and cooperation, the Olympic Games has run its course (pun intended). 

If there was ever an event that deserved canceling, it is this summer's Olympic Games in Rio. 

Don’t give me the crap about the athletes' tortuous training for the once-every-four-year event being justification for this farce continuing. This event, with lore of ancient Greece, was reinvented to bring the world together, making it a better and more joyous place to be. 

Oh yeah, that happened, huh? 

What has happened in the 120 years since the beginning of the modern Olympic games? Has it really served the purpose of a world community coming together, under the guise of pomp and circumstance, giving gold medals and playing anthems? 

Two World Wars, plus other wars here and there, and everywhere! Hitler and Berlin, the Munich murders of the Israeli wrestling team, doping by individuals and sanctioned by countries, incredible financial stealing and corruption by host cities, countries and IOC organizers all for the cause of bettering the human experience. 

Don’t we think it's time to come up with another plan? The first 120 years of the Olympic Games have not worked out the way they were supposed to. 

There has to be something better. Doing nothing, actually, would be something better. 

This is the last chance to just say no. Not this summer of Rio and the Zika virus, which is on the verge of producing a generation of children that didn’t ask to be born that way. 

Go to Rio and its polluted water, filled with sewage and mosquitoes spreading the unbelievable damage to those babies. 

For what? Gold medals? Bragging rights? Financial gain?

Medal counts, television ratings, and who knows what else are driving the bus now.

This has nothing to do with a potential terror plot. Nothing to do with thousands of tourists absolutely needlessly at risk on so many levels. It has everything to do with the evolution of an event that has outlived its usefulness at seemingly every point and turn. 

Promised construction and city improvement is a joke. Cleaning up the incredible pollution in the bay where athletes will swim and compete is not going to happen.

A promised boon to a country on the edge of economic ruin…

Wake up! Stop living the dream of opening and closing ceremonies, and gold, silver and bronze counts. 

Remember the last great moment from none other than “the greatest.” Muhammad Ali and the torch lighting in Atlanta was that moment. Think about it now, and what these games have become. 

The dark side of an idea that was meant to be anything but. Look at it now! The torch must be extinguished.      

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rick said...

Bob, your comments are so true. It is time to re-evaluate how we celebrate the true activity of sport. These games are no longer relevant except for lining the pockets of politicians and corrupt business men. A complete boycott of the Rio Games should be on anyone's mind if they want to avoid the risk of getting sick, or endangering the health of others.