Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bob Lobel: Brady Talk Dominating Red Sox Season in Boston

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

So it's true, Chris Sale does have a great “cutter." Now proven beyond any doubt.  

He may be an immature twit, but he can pitch, so bring him here. We will make him a man. It's one of the things we do best.

Grow up or get out. 

An apology is necessary, not that anyone would care, except for the people that drive SuiteSports and New England Sports Legends, the two landing spots for these blogs. My excuse for not writing has been the brutal state of the world in the past three weeks, combined with the really low-level behavior at the RNC and DNC. Sports have seemed somewhat insignificant, but let's try to do some stuff again. 

If I told you I had been asked 10 random questions by Boston fans this time of year, you would think they would all be about the Red Sox... Not even close!

It has been Brady, Brady, Brady! 

I thought that was all solved, yet people want to know an opinion of how we think it went down, and should we be ok with it? The answer is yes, we should be fine with it. Let it go.

Watch the kid quarterback and be thankful we have been given a free opportunity to see if he can play. What you should really worry about is what your mindset will be if he is lights out and, when Brady comes back, the lights don’t go on the way they used to for Tom.

Are you as a fan prepared to chose between loyalty and winning? Of course, chances are it won't come down to that, or anything close, but what if it does? Are you ready to make that choice?

I'm not. My loyalty is very simple: I don’t want Tom Brady hanging around if he can't be close to what he was. We all know that reality is coming, but if it's possible to put it off, then that’s a no-brainer. I think he will know when it's not like it use to be. That’s what I think makes him such a great player: Self awareness. 

We could all use some practice on that score.   

Ok, to the Sox. We all know Buchholz is not wanted around here anymore. What if the Sox could get a solid starting pitcher for a deal that would include Hanley Ramirez? Will his stock go any higher than it is now?  Of the three B’s, who would you replace in a deal to keep Hanley? I think he is the key in this trade deadline puzzle. 

That is a statement without any basis in fact, I'll admit. But, his star has risen so dramatically, that it would seem he is a very desirable commodity as a piece in a big deal.

And finally, may I simply say that Dan Shaughnessy is a Hall of Fame writer. Forget the semantics and the actual description of it being a writers wing of Cooperstown. I think the greatest irony is that he is in and Curt Schilling isn’t. For the uninitiated, they have had a long running verbal battle that has been entertaining, if not enlightening.

Stay cool.

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