Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Bob Lobel: I Told You So

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

It's nice to be right for a change, even if it's just a few things. 

It’s a lot easier to admit you're wrong about stuff than it is to say "I told you so," but I am going to take it upon myself to tell you that I did, indeed, "tell you so." 

You can look it up in past blogs if you care to, but why would you want to do that? 

Just take my word for it.  

Number one: “Sandy Leon should be the starting catcher in the All-Star game.”  Under all rules, Leon earning that starting spot is not possible, but you get the point. He should be.  He has been nothing short of amazing, and that’s what the comment about the All-Star game was about. 

Number two: “Brock Holt couldn’t get back fast enough.” Don’t know why it is, but it is so obvious that Brock Holt makes the Red Sox go, it's ridiculous. Why that is  remains a mystery, except he has a lot of vintage Dustin Pedroia in him.

In other words, he is a pure baseball player. 

And I'll add one other thing- Travis Shaw seems to be a much better player when Brock Holt is in the lineup. That is an observation, and I am not offering any facts to back it up. It just seems that way, and sometimes, things that happen have no explanation. I offer no explanation. 

Moving on to the acquiring of the necessary pitching to make this team a champion. If there is a trade or two to be made, it would be so difficult to include any of these young players that have worked their way into our hearts. 

There is one starter that I think might not be around after July 31st. Hanley Rameriz has become an excellent defensive first baseman, and there is no one, in my opinion, that hits the ball any harder when he makes contact than Hanley. I think this makes him much more valuable on the trade market than in the lineup. 

What do I base this on? 

Pure observation and intuition. Of course, this could be an error in my judgement. It is not our decision anyway, so let's just sit back and wait. He is starting to hit and, with his newly acquired defensive skills, it will make him very attractive to teams that need his skills more than the Red Sox. 

Not that they can't use his talents, because they can, but his value may be greater in acquiring talent where it is more needed on this team. I kinda hope I'm wrong, because he does have a dynamic presence, yet there is something I can't put my finger on that leads to the above comments. 

They really can be fun and exciting, and they really can be dreadful. Maybe that’s the attraction. It’s the Forest Gump box of chocolates thing. 

Life is like that, says Forest. This team is like that.

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