Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Bob Lobel: Are the Patriots and Jimmy Ready for the Opener?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

How much help will the Patriots give backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in his first, and probably last, four starts with this team?

All you have to do is check out the mural of Tom Terrific that covers the lighthouse at Gillette. There is no way to interpret a larger than life portrait  of a player who is already larger than life. It is not exactly a morale booster for number 10 to feel number 12 hovering more than he already was, by just existing. 

The team really seems to have more interest in putting the commissioner in a position of total humiliation, at least locally, than they are of pumping up a quarterback who has been thrust in a position of big trouble in their opener. It's true that the next three next games at home can be won by playing former Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman at the position, but that’s not the point. 

What is the point, Bob? The point is New England's misguided purpose of glorifying a guy who needs it not, instead of supporting a guy who could use all the support he can get. 

Supporting  Jimmy G is not dissing the incumbent, who is now introduced by the phrase “best ever’ anytime his name is mentioned. 

The fans seem to love the banner. Of course they do. But they are not playing quarterback with Godzilla looking over their shoulder. 

Someday, Jimmy will write an autobiography, and a chapter or two will be devoted to the year that will be completed in his life going to Cleveland in game five. Yes, it's onto Cleveland this year, not onto Cincinnati. 

Meanwhile, by the time they go to Cleveland, the big question remains- Where will the Red Sox be onto? Will they be onto Cleveland as well?  Will both teams be playing in Cleveland at the same time? It’s a pretty good time if you like sports issues that can only be decided on the field, and have many potential highs and lows. 

I ask you, when October 9th and that Patriots-Browns game comes around, will the Red Sox be alive and kicking? Which team will be perceived at that date as successful or, if only one can be called that, which one? 

You have to take the Patriots, I think. 

There are just too many variables with the baseball team. This is a tough team to watch, as you know.

They will drive you crazy, and in many cases already have. 

Just so many gut-punching losses, as Dave O'Brien calls them. Really. 

Just more than we can ever remember, or with the talent out there on the field, should ever be happening. That’s what's driving us crazy.  

If the Red Sox put up a mural on a light pole for the last 10 games like the Patriots put up, David Ortiz would fill that bill. The difference is stark. 

For some reason, an Ortiz banner would carry a feeling of celebration, while the Patriots banner carries a feeling of something hard to describe. The best way, I think, is to simply say it is not one of celebration.

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