Monday, October 17, 2016

Bob Lobel: Be Careful What You Wish for, Cubs Fans

 By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Where did it go? 

The passion, the drama, the anticipation is what seems to be missing. It's hard to explain, but the convergence of the Red Sox collapse, Jon Lester, the Brady (ho hum) return, Theo  Epstein, the mother of all campaigns, Terry Francona, Mike Napoli, groping and more groping, Andrew Miller, Coco Crisp, David Price and blah blah blah. 

What has sucked the life out of the NFL?   

Can Roger Goodell be held responsible?  Do we really think the Bruins are going to be carried by Tuukka Rask, and are the Celtics really about to start another middle of the road finish? 


This is a lot of baggage, a lot. 
What was once so simple has become way way out of control. There is a book, "Here Comes Everybody,” written at the emergence of cell phones, and all the stuff that has gone with it. 

Here comes everybody and everything. 

Is this what we wanted the future to be? Now is the future we wanted, but be careful of what you want, because you just might get it. What do the Cubs want, because they just might get it? What do they get but the right to say “I was there when the goat was purged?" 

Be very aware that, with the privilege of seeing it happen in their lifetime, and also bringing peace to their dead ancestors, being a Cubs fan is forever changed at a very primitive level. The price it too high. 

We won't admit it, but it is. So good luck to them. It might actually bring some semblance of  sports excitement and competition back into our lives, especially if Chicago has a parade on election day, and the Chicago river is renamed the “Theo.”  

Today's idea is to call attention away from the Cubbies and the Chicago parade and have a parade for David Ortiz. Haven't done that, or did we slip it in during the other five celebrations?  

Yes the Red Sox won 11 straight against the AL East and rightfully won that division, but the walk off grand slam home run in Yankee Stadium by Mark Teixeira, is what I'm taking away from that run. It was a clutch run of 11, but a misguided  stumble to the end that prevented Cleveland from playing an extra game, and a game and gave them the first two playoff games at home. 

Never mind, it's all sour now. A great young exciting team wilted. The answer has been to reinvent Pablo Sandoval. Perfect.  

Now, back to Brady, the story that has really dominated around here was the stupid air balls. Yet, now that this too has passed, it's back to Brady. He's the greatest, yet it has become yesterday's news. 

He's back, it's normal, he is still the Tom we know and love, and he is not going anywhere. I have heard it more than once that when Goodell hands him the super bowl trophy, he should just turn and walk away.


Also, is he really voting for Trump?  Didn’t Trump sign Doug Flutie for his New York team that went bankrupt in a league that went bankrupt? If Trump loses, does he become a candidate for the next commissioner of the National Football league? 

The title of that book would be “From Ginger to Orange: How the NFL Got its Franchise in Moscow.”  

Ok, we can get through this. We have been here before. The Cubs, on the other hand, I'm not so sure.  If they get what they want, they may find out, they really didn’t want it.

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