Monday, December 5, 2016

Bob Lobel: Will Trump Get Bob Kraft's SB Ring Back from Putin?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Do me a favor- Call me when the Patriots play a big game. 

What would that even look like? The Rams, for instance, are impossible to differentiate from any of the high school teams that played on that same field in Foxboro the day before. 

Their quarterback and coach cannot appear in the same sentence (unless it's something like this) with the B and B  boys. It's just what it is.  And, unfortunately, the B also translates to boring. I always thought the worst thing that you could be on television is boring.

Now for me, not smart enough to be a fantasy guy, the NFL has become just that. Too predictable, too many play stoppages, too many penalties, too many injuries and too much of the same old stuff. 

Really, tell me where I'm  wrong. Isn't enough enough? 

Gronk’s injury feels like the beginning of the end, because the end is near. If this sounds like the Harry Potter professor Trelawney, who saw nothing but bad things in the future, then so be it.  The one thing very possible is the Patriots' nadir has come and gone, but the bottom for them will still be good enough to be competitive. I think it's fair to say the future will not be anything like this. 

And when does the President Elect visit his good friends Robert and Bill, and maybe Tom? What was Robert doing at the Trump Tower right after the election? His picture would have sent a message to the other owners and commissioner that he is a very important man, indeed. He may have been putting in a pitch for the ambassador to Israel job, to work with his good friend Bebe Netenyahu. 

Plus, it is a graceful exit from a franchise that he enabled during its dynastic run. He moves on to the world stage and son John is now running the club. Who will eventually be the coach and the quarterback is another story. What the NFL will look alike is another story. What the country will look like is another story. It's all another story. 

Then there is the question of things like FanDuel and DraftKings. 

John Kraft was an initial investor in one of those gambling games. I guess the league is more concerned with air in footballs than owners involved with gambling games? 

Selective punitive rules that are so inconsistent with the public posture designed to be seen as all things to  all people.  Another question- How does the NFL get by the wall if they start to play in Mexico City? Wall pass? 

I forgot one thing in talking about the Robert visit to the Donald- The ring! Vlady Putin supposedly still has the original Super Bowl ring he took from Robert during their meeting back when. No doubt, Robert asked the Donald to try to get it back from his new friend. 

Now that’s a story!

Will Putin give it back? Will the President Elect ask for it, or has he already put it at the top of the priority list? You know it's on there.  It's not how or where, but when. 

The thing that is difficult to understand is a personal feeling about the Patriots and their quarterback. Separation anxiety is beginning to creep in. It's not a fun feeling if you have it. In fact, you probably want to leave before your left. That’s kinda how I have managed it. 

It has not worked out very well for me, sorry to say. Therapy is the answer. The only answer. It's at the point where I don’t know anyone who hasn’t tried it or in it.

Fantasy therapists cant be too far away. 

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Anonymous said...

As a therapist, I'm really liking the idea of fantasy therapy...a whole new niche to develop!

Vlad will never let go of the ring.