Wednesday, January 18, 2017

MIAA Boys Basketball Midseason All-State Team

No. 1 Cambridge is well represented on our midseason All-State team. Photo courtesy of ESPN Boston and Brendan C. Hall.
The season is about halfway over for most boys hoops teams in Massachusetts, and SuiteSports thought it would be fun to put out a team of the guys who have most impressed us thus far.

Keep in mind that the tournament will no doubt have a HUGE impact on our final all-state team, but for now, here's the group we've got, as selected by our team of reporters and correspondents.

First Team

Jakigh Dottin, Sr. G, Cambridge
Ethan Wright, Jr. G, Newton North
Carl Pierre, Sr. G, BC High
Ghared Boyce, Sr. G, Everett
Jorge Torres, Jr. C, Springfield Central

Second Team

Travis Evee, Jr. G, BC High
Nick Timberlake, Sr. G, Braintree
Kevin Fernandez, Sr. G, Methuen
Ulyen Coleman, Sr. G, Catholic Memorial
Dimon Carrigan, Sr. C, Cambridge

Third Team

Thomas Shaughnessy, Jr. G, Needham
Michael Boyd, Sr. G, Malden Catholic
Jake Dunkley, Sr. G, Attleboro
Sam Goldberg, Sr. F, Mansfield
Chris Doherty, Jr. F, Marlboro


Coach Brock, O'Bryant said...
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Coach Brock, O'Bryant said...

Rivaldo Soares (O'Bryant) is a 6'5 guard who has four 30+point games so far this season. He does a little bit of everything for his team. Kinda surprised he's not on here...