Friday, February 3, 2017

Bob Lobel: Brady and Belichick's Last Rodeo?

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

This is not our first rodeo, not by a long shot. 

"Not the first rodeo" has become a popular phrase to calm people down around here, but remember this: Sunday is a lot closer to being the last rodeo than the first for our coach and quarterback. We know it and feel it, yet we totally deny it. 

What's left to accrue after this seventh Super Bowl appearance? What's left if they get a ring to put on all fingers, as opposed to having just four? 

By the way, it was a pretty cool promotional picture to have the four rings on one hand, with the middle finger reserved for Roger Goodell. 

The frenzy that accompanies most of these games seems to be missing, like so much of the regular season that was practically ignored. I'm not smart enough to tell you how the Patriots will win, or if in fact they will win. I say just get fifth title, and then we can move on. Is six that much better than five? 

Five is the holy grail, because its never been done before by one player/coach.  So just do it and then let things go whenever and wherever they may.  Goodbye Tom and Bill?  

Soon, yes, maybe even after Sunday. 

My advice for watching is to just focus on one more title and then let it go. The feeling that has to remain is “grateful." The non-educated think they cheated their way to four titles. Stop whining. You’ll be rid of us soon enough.  

This week is more about the hot air guy. He will identified on many shirts and the like this weekend, like the handmade one shown here.

As for the game, well, the Patriots seem to win their Super Bowls by three points, and they are three-point favorites. Go with the Pats by three and there is your answer. The ultimate push, but why should we care?

The only thing we should be caring about, besides the abject fear for our country, is a fifth title. If they do that, and why not, there will be nothing left to do.

Not their first rodeo, indeed. Their last? Much more likely. 

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