Saturday, April 15, 2017

Bob Lobel: A Massive Sports Weekend that Can Only Happen in Boston

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Just wondering if the Red Sox are paying attention to the success of the Bruins since the firing of head coach Claude Julian. 

Not saying anything, just wondering. Probably not, but maybe. 

It's been pretty hard to ignore, actually.

That brings us to this weekend, when there is an amazing coming together of everyone in just such a short period of time. All here in Boston, and all in a span of days. The Red Sox on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, especially Monday. The Bruins on Monday night at the TD Garden. The Celtics open the playoffs at home at the Garden on Sunday, and the backdrop of this whole excess of playoff sports and the Patriots Day game is the 121st running of the Boston Marathon. 

This might be labeled overkill, but it is a rare thing indeed. 

We have come close to this conjoining before, but throw in the basic opening of the local golf season and it is a sports orgy of biblical proportions. Hard to tell where to start or end, but I think that Charlie McAvoy and the Bruins lead the charge.

The marathon is ranked second, not because of who will win or anything like that, but because there are 20,000 stories out there on Monday, and it’s a day none of them will ever forget. The Red Sox finish third on this weekend, because it's so early in their season, yet on Monday, will get to relive one of the most poignant days in the history of Fenway Park. 

The anniversary of their first game back since the bombings. It actually won't be the true anniversary, since that occurred a week after 2013's Marathon tragedy, but it will be relived and revived as only the Red Sox production department can do. 

Does Ortiz throw out the first pitch?

This would be an unprecedented weekend in any other town, but it's really only possible here. Hope to enjoy as much as possible.

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Unknown said...

Always nice to see an expert detail the Boston sports scene. Been a long time since I was back there. Left in 1950 after the 5th grade have only been back once BUT I got to watch the Sox from the green monster thanks to some help from Bob Lobel

Keep up the good work BOB

Duane Bietz MD Portland Oregon 2017