Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Bob Lobel: More Excitement than Boston Planned for this Summer

By Bob Lobel (@boblobel)

Back with, hopefully, something to say. 

This seems like a no action spring and summer, but look more closely. The NBA has had a much more exciting and event filled offseason than anything that happened during the regular season and playoffs. Yes, the finals were eye-opening to many who had no clue about the skill set it takes to play championship basketball in this era. Now we all know it’s a skill that borders on the unbelievable, with the remarkable talent that it takes to win. 


But the draft and free agency conversation that has filled the empty sports talk airways has far surpassed the excitement of actually playing the game. It’s a sad but true commentary on the actual game itself. Now, with respect to the local entry- Really clueless hosts (having been one, I know) talk about how Danny Ainge has done nothing at best, and choked at worst. 

Doing nothing is, at times, far more productive than doing something and, I submit, that is the case here. How this all turns out won't be known for years, but the Celtics offseason has been far more exciting and entertaining than even their eventful season, like the rest of the league. 

So be it.

Soon we will be back to the normal, and now the racism police have come out in full force on the Gordon Hayward signing. These days it's impossible to figure out which side the racial police are from day to day, and when it comes to Boston and Hayward, it's easy pickings to link the two. It is major ammunition for the "hate Boston" majority out there west and south of the Hudson. 

Of course the Celtics wanted the white guy, blah blah blah. What do you expect? It's Boston!

It is a no-win, and I mean, absolutely no-win situation. The perception of the town that Tom Yawkey and wifey Jean cursed until it's flooded by climate change will never change. Which side are the racial police on in this one? 

But let's move on. 

Coming off the most exciting NBA time around here in a long while, the Red Sox and their loser manager are pushing ahead while leaving the AL East in the rear view mirror.  The season feels like it has just begun, despite the ridiculous decision to make Jerry Remy apologize for what took place (what did take place?) and David Price has picked fights with the absolute wrong people.

It's on to October! Also, the Bruins haven’t lost a playoff game in months and the Patriots are kings of the world! So its all pretty good around here now. 

The All-Star game and home run derby are moving in. Will the derby continue to ruin swings of the rising stars? And will they use the same jacked up, tightly-wound, juiced baseballs they are using in the season so far?  Bring on the launch angle and speed of bat, and ball and the rest. 

I have only one solution for speeding up the games... 3 balls instead of 4 puts a player on first! Think about it. Occam's razor provides the solution. Go with the most simple answer.  

Enough for now. 

Thank you for you patience and understanding. I'm  only trying to help.

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