Joe Parello
Columnist, Podcaster & Editor-in-Chief
Boston, MA

You either love me, or you hate me... Or you think I'm Ok.

Jeremy Conlin
Columnist & Editor Emeritus
Boston, MA

I live on the internet. I fell back on writing after I was told I wasn't Cirque de Soleil material. I watch bad TV. I have been known to laugh at inappropriate jokes. I've never met a man I didn't like, but I've never met Tom Hanks.
Bob Lobel
Blogger and Podcaster
Boston, MA

Bob Lobel is a legendary sportscaster and the face of Boston sports for nearly three decades as the lead sports anchor at WBZ-CBS Boston. You probably don't know it, but whenever you say a team is pushing "The Panic Button," you are using one of Bob's signature catchphrases. Learn more about Bob here.

Nate Weitzer
Lead High School Sports Reporter
Boston, MA

Nate joins us from ESPN Boston High Schools, and has covered prep sports across the Commonwealth. You may see him at your high school soon, or you could just follow him on Twitter for constantly updated highlights and stats.
Greg Story
Boston, MA

Greg is another ESPN Boston alum, who also freelances for the Boston Herald and Comcast Sports Net New England. One of the best videographers around, Greg brings game highlights and postgame interviews from the biggest battles across the state.
Connor Evans
High School Sports Reporter 
Smithfield, RI

Currently a student at Bryant University, Connor has found a niche at SuiteSports as a Central Mass high school expert. An alum of Grafton High School, where he starred on the lacrosse and soccer pitch, Connor is currently making inroads covering high school football in the Heart of the Commonwealth.
Jason Siegel
High School Sports Reporter
Natick, MA

Jason is currently the youngest reporter on staff, as this aspiring journalist attends Natick High School. His youth hasn't stopped him from filing solid stories in both high school basketball and football, however, and Jason is just scratching the surface of his potential.  
Matt Feld
High School Sports Reporter
Providence, RI

Though still a student at Providence College, Matt has reported for several high-profile local outlets, including ESPN Boston and the Boston Herald. Despite what parents at Xaverian will tell you, he knows the Catholic Conference in and out, and has a deep knowledge of all things Eastern Mass. 
Tony Plakas
Creative Director and Webmaster
Cambridge, MA

I hate sports, most movies, all music except for Johnny Cash. Haven't watched a single sporting event since Bud Light got gypped out of a victory in Bud Bowl VII. I work in Nuclear Reactor and Fuel research and everyday I sneak a little fissile material out so I can be the first private owner of a nuclear weapon. I will then hold the west hostage with it and be assassinated by Israel.

Warren Rodriguez
Staff Columnist
Miami, FL

Warren is our boxing/MMA columnist. He didn't have time to fill out a bio or do much with his twitter because he's out there protecting our country in America's Navy. If you have a problem with that, write a letter to your Congressman.

Bennett Corcoran
Boston, MA

I can't accurately convey how much I love sports in the next two sentences, but I can try. I cover basketball and baseball, and nothing in between. I'm trying to somehow translate this passion into a career path, so we'll see how that goes.

Adam Lowenstein
Wellesley, MA

I co-host a weekly college sports radio show at Washington University in St. Louis as well as provide statistical analyses for several different sports outlets. I focus on discovering, compiling and interpreting statistics, especially regarding Boston sports teams.

Andy Dougherty 
Stamford, CT

At their best, sports can be incredibly powerful. Inspired performances can move grown men to tears and moments of athletic ineptitude can lighten up our days. I’d like to help connect people with the special moments that make us love sports so much. I played college tennis, so if I can get more people to appreciate my sport along the way, I’ll be even happier.

Justin Sherman
Staff Columnist
New York, NY

I am a prime example that video games are indeed positive influences. Before 2006 I couldn't name more than 5 soccer teams, but with the help of some beer and a summer of FIFA '06, I was hooked.