Monday, May 27, 2013

Bob Lobel: Why So Serious?

By Bob Lobel

I thought I would take this time to throw out 10 potential headlines for the next couple of months, and speculate which ones are NOT likely to come true.

1. Jagr's Game 7 Goal Sends Bruins to Cup Finals
2. Igninla Hat Trick Sweeps Bruins Into Summer
3. Red Sox Cite "Sweet Caroline" for Late Inning Comebacks
4. Belichick Says Brady's Best Days are Behind Him
5. Kraft Buys Globe; Fires Everyone that Ever Criticized Him
6. Fenway Sports Group Adds Roller Derby Team from Florida into Fold
7. Red Sox Fold
8. Aceves to Start Game One of The Series
9. Sox Offer Free Tickets and Food
10. Bruins do the Same…

I wouldn't hold my breath on any of those, but they are all possible. Enough from me, I would love to hear from you. Write a few that are in the realm of possibility, but that you aren't counting on on my Facebook wall, or send me them on Twitter.

I have some favorites of the 10 above that I actually think could happen, but I don't take them too seriously. If anybody asked me if I thought about any of those headlines being truly possible, I would give them the same answer I used to give when people would ask me about writing an autobiography: "Yeah, I've thought about it, but to do so would mean joining the witness protection program."

Clearly, I don't take myself or my prognostications too seriously.

Reminds me of a luncheon almost 20 years ago celebrating the release of a book by M.L. Carr. The late, great Will Mcdonough was the moderator and simply turned to M.L. and said “You’re the only person I know who wrote a book before ever reading one.”  Very funny to those in attendance, and the best part is that M.L. loved the line. That brings me to my point that people take themselves very seriously.  

Anybody that takes themselves too seriously is a loser in my book, a LOSER. I mean, we all think things about ourselves that aren't based in reality, but it's those special people that take themselves incredibly seriously that scare me.

If you want some examples from sports, I don't have any right now, but I would love to hear what you think. Maybe somebody like Donald Trump, or NBA commissioner David Stern. He and Gary Bettman, the commissioner of the NHL, also qualify, along with Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

I think Jack Edwards takes himself extremely seriously. For some strange reason, Tim Thomas comes to mind when I think of this ilk. Maybe very wrong, but maybe not.  

Tiger? Oh my God, are you kidding me? Johnny Miller, golf analyst, seems a layup to the club, although I think he is very good at what he does.  Ok, I'm just getting warmed up on this subject but it's time to stop after one more: Wolf Blitzer of CNN practically wrote the guide on “how to take oneself seriously.” 

Closing with the mention of the great two game comebacks by the Red Sox last Saturday and Sunday, and already their comeback wins are in double digits.

Last year, they probably don’t win any of those games.  Perfect lead into pointing out that Bobby Valentine obviously took himself quite seriously.  Pity. 

Nothing good seems to come from these folks. How did they get this way and why? Lighten up a little, ok? Time to be serious about not being serious!